Pump It Yourself!

2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason, will pull out a budget line item to argue over a nickel expense yet voted NO on a low interest loan for the H5 Wet Weather Pump Station. Once installed, the pump would prevent a swath of Hoboken from being drowned in the next super-storm.

1st Ward Councilwoman Terry Castellano, always ready to sacrifice the greater good if she can stomp on the Mayor - even once accusing Zimmer of "making the recovery [from Sandy] much more difficult"- voted NO on the H5 Wet Weather Pump Station.  Castellano's Ward was one of the most severely impacted by 2012's Superstorm Sandy.

GA will remind readers of what Castellano was doing for the residents of her Ward in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

A volunteer assigned to assist Marine View residents in need  after the flood reported this to GA:

I remember what a useless polyp she [Terry Castellano] was loitering in the Marine View Towers lobby while a small army of young adults were assigned to help out distressed residents immediately after Hurricane Sandy. As the group was planning a course of action, in running up the stairs to deliver water and supplies, she stood idly by.  Watching us, doing nothing.  Later on when an ambulance squad came to help some specific residents, but were found to have left the building, Terry said, "Well, that's just poor communication from City Hall."  Standing in the same spot, not lifting a finger to help, just flapping her jawbone.  

She had nothing nice to say about all the effort that was around her, but was quite comfortable to stay in place and complain.  
I was disgusted by her uselessness, then dragging down people who were there to help.She's lost power, relevance, and respect.

Castellano appears to view the suffering of Hoboken residents as a political tool.

Isn't that evident by her "NO" vote for the pump, last Wednesday?

Mason's excuse?  In a similar vein, her motive may be gleaned from an email posted on MSV several days ago.  On March 4, 2011 Mason "business partner" political operative James Barracato emails Lane Bajardi:
"Beth just needs to call Jonathan Metsch under oath and get him to admit he met with the bidders that included the JC Medical Center. She also needs to call Toni Tomarrazo and hammer her over the financing aspect. They can really destroy the administration if they work things properly." 
There you go.  Proof that Beth Mason's network of political operatives schemed with the Councilwoman to "destroy the administration" by undermining the sale of Hoboken University Medical Center during the bidding process.

GA suspects Mason's motivation to tank the survival of Hoboken's only hospital along with 1,200 jobs- "to destroy the administration" is the same behind her "NO" vote on the flood pump.  Mason strategy: Make things WORSE for Hoboken residents and the Mayor gets blamed.

Um... no, she won't.

Beth Mason and Terry Castellano are the only ones standing in the way of this flooding solution.

The City will be stronger and better once these two  bitter shrews are retired from government. GA sincerely hopes that  Timmy Occhipinti and/or Mike Russo do the right thing for Hoboken tomorrow night.

And next time Beth Mason pulls off a $5 line item from the budget,  someone remind her of the COST to TAXPAYERS for tomorrow's Special Meeting.


  1. I have a better title for this post: Two Hags and a Broom.

  2. Beth and Terry have never looked so good.


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