MYSTERY: Rap Artist 'Baby Lane' YouTube in Plaintiffs' Google Subpoena

August 2012 Google Subpoena, Plaintiff/Petitioner Lane Bajardi, Kim Cardinal Bajardi:  Page 5 of 6: 1b, 1c

... and a Doris Day Broadway show tune YouTube parody!

Not exactly things one would expect to to be subpoenaed by Plaintiffs since neither song, artist or YouTube user had anything to do with Hoboken, Defendants or their Complaint.  

Yet there they were, on page 5 of 6 of Plaintiffs' subpoena to the parent company of Grafix Avenger, Google.

The Google subpoena was filed by Plaintiffs in August 2012 purportedly to obtain identifying information for John Doe Defendants and Para 130 Screen Name Defendants.   Once identified, Plaintiffs would add them as Named Defendants, like Roman and myself.  (Thank attorney Kerry Flowers for protecting their anonymity.)

In addition to requests for relevant persons, Plaintiff's requested:
  • Identifying IP information for YouTube user "JBL3Kings."  Plaintiffs provided the link to a Rap video called "Filling My Swaggy."  The artists' names "Baby Lane FT: Jade Blak."  

  • Identifying IP information for YouTube  user "Bellissamavideo." Plaintiffs provided the link to her video parody of the Doris Day Broadway show tune called "Too Close For Comfort":
In an actual defamation suit, would one subpoena rap songs and show tunes?  

I asked Plaintiff Lane Bajardi about this at his July 16, 2014 deposition:

He "didn't prepare the subpoena."  Oh, I see.

Did he "prepare" his Complaint, Bajardi v Pincus, et. al?  Did he know what's in it?

I mean, somebody else prepared that.  

If the inclusion of  rap songs and Broadway show-tunes in Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi's August 2012 Google subpoena was NOT a red flag that the suit was a frivolous, malevolent pile of garbage, GA does not know WHAT was. 

At my March 22, 2013 Summary Judgement hearing, attorney, Kerry B. Flowers addressed the Court on behalf of his clients, the John Does and Para 130 Defendants:

Flowers described the "addition of those two very disturbing and inappropriate videos in the Google subpoena" as  showing the "case is political in nature and it's vindictive and it's petty."

Flowers read the lyrics of "Too Close For Comfort" and argued they were a "clear shot and a clear warning to defendants that they are coming after.  It had nothing to do with the case.  It was clearly and insult to the Court.  It was an insult to litigants in this case."

The lyrics for "Filling My Swaggy" send another message to Defendants.  

Merriam-Webster's online dictionary defines 'swag' to mean "a : goods acquired by unlawful means."  The rap goes:  
Hey, Hey, Hey,
Hey, Hey, Hey,
We're fillin' up swag (unintelligible)
Hangin' in the club
And heading for the money
We get money
It's there to take

Folks, it truly is a MYSTERY how YouTube rap and show tune videos ended up in Plaintiff/ Petitioner Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi's August 2012 Google Subpoena.  


  1. Bajardi a rapper at heart? Instead of '50 Cent' call him '2 Mill.'

  2. The true paid political operative behind the subpoena links is also known to sing the soundtrack to Big Momma's House?

  3. He also likes to sing "Beauty School Dropout" from Grease, but by "beauty" he means "law" (and also "beauty")????

  4. But the real theme song to his life is "LOSER"???????????

  5. Call him NO Cents.

    1. I call him NO Swaggy Daddy or Puff EGO.

  6. He doesn't know what's in his own subpoena, like he doesn't know what's in his email account. Beth Mason once said: unless there's proof I'll say I haven't seen them."

  7. This has always been about finding out who people are that make comments against their side. They wanted to know the names of people so they could come after them.

  8. Why are you harping on these facts? Obviously, these Detroit rappers defamed Lane. He had every right to seek $2,000,000 from them as all of you.

    Did the rappers not clearly say they were going to fill their swaggy? Did they offer any of the swag to Lane? They're defaming him and owe $2,000,000.

    Jeesh anyone can see that.

  9. Donald Scarinci wrote you and Horse "defenders of free internet speech."

    Socrates said, “While I may disagree with what you say I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Socrates would be proud of Judge Patrick J. Arre in Hudson County.

    Let’s face it, even those of us with Rhinoceros skin are bugged sometimes when anonymous blog posts misstate facts and say the most awful things. Imagine the cottage industry for lawyers if everyone took them to court. Worse yet, imagine America if people were afraid to speak their mind?

    America without free speech is not America.


  10. "Headin for the money? We get money, it's there to take?" They thought that was real funny. Let's see who's laughing now.

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