Moving Forward

Whoever you are, thanks.  After a 2 1/2 year battle to preserve free political discourse online, a First Amendment right protected under the New Jersey State Constitution, it is nice to hear.

(This  comment appears under some drek anonymously scribed on The Hoboken Reporter web site, said drek purports to be fact.)


  1. The proprietors of the Hudson Reporter are paid political operatives.

  2. That anonymous commenter is 100% correct. I shudder to think what this town would be like without you and Horsey. Thanks again, we all owe you.

  3. Just a suggestion, when the time is right, since the Hoboken Reporter tends to be highly biased in their reporting especially when it comes to Mile Square View and yourself that you write your opinions in a letter to the editor and submit them to the Jersey Journal, Hoboken Now, etc... Perhaps an interview on News 12.


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