"Mayor's diamond-dealing husband..."

GA loves the bling

However one may interpret references to the mayor's husband as a "diamond dealer" in political commentary, you should know that calling Grossbard a "diamond dealer" and/or selling "blood diamonds" has been part of the anti-Zimmer internet lexicon since 2009.

Those who posted on nj.com's Hoboken forum in 2009, 2010 and 2011 may remember dozens, if not hundreds, of such references smearing the mayor's husband and his company alleging his firm sold conflict diamonds.  One prolific commenter even registered the name 'blooddiamonds' and appeared to devote an unusual amount of effort to this line of attack.  (blooddiamonds' bile inspired the uber-funny commenter bludiamonds)

The Hoboken Reporter may call this malevolence "impolite", while others call it by another another name.

GA sees that some are unfamiliar with the historical context  of postings like the recently publicized ones authored  by 'wakeup07030' and 'marklower'.  Historical context helps one understand how the drumbeat of attacks on nj.com articles tie into the broader "Grossbard the diamond-dealer" narrative pushed in articles on Hoboken411.

For example, from the Hoboken411com article, "More on the Jersey Sting" [Pincus' Trial Exhibit D-82], this excerpt, posted on April 7, 2011:
"There were also calls to release the recorded phone calls of Solomon Dwek and Hoboken Shadow Mayor Stan Grossbard. The Mayor’s diamond-dealing husband wanted Zimmer to meet with Dwek, and tried to schedule a meeting to make it happen."

 Pincus' Trial Exhibit D82

From dozens of  'blooddiamonds'  posts alleging the Mayor' (Jewish) husband and his company trade in conflict diamonds and others like 'marklower' and 'wakeup07030' who post about "blood diamond money" or "diamond dealers" on nj.com's Hoboken Forum... to the gratuitous "diamond dealer husband" references in politically partisan articles on the subject of Hoboken  politics... what does it mean?

Do you know?

GA is asking the question.


  1. Wouldn't surprise me if certain folks aren't particularly embarrassed by these types of revelations. Probably slapping each other in the back and giving high-fives, in fact. In order to feel shame, you first need a conscience. That's something sorely lacking with dog whistle blowers.

  2. Embarrassed ? Shame ?

    They don't know meaning of the words.

    Even after they do prison time they think of it as just more street cred.

  3. Look at the time stamps on those emails. WTF??? middle of the night weirdos...


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