Mayor Zimmer: Barracato not an "authorized recipient" of her 60,000 emails with Hospital Buyer

Horsey, who has just posted one of the emails returned by Plaintiffs in discovery, wrote:
"No one interviewed by MSV on the former HMHA board would agree that obtaining the 60,000 emails in October 2011 was public or legally available."
That includes Mayor Zimmer, who provided this certification for my  "Motion to Grant Permission to Subpoena Dave Unger, James Barracato and Ray Smith for “60,000 Emails on Disk” Between HMHA/Mayor Zimmer and the Buyer of Hoboken University Medical Center."

For clarification, the purpose of the subpoenas requested is explained in the brief supporting my motion.    Note, I was pro se for 17 months (without attorney, defending myself), hence my name on the brief, and dearth of legal mumbo-jumbo. 


  1. our local fish wrap has 'splainin to do.

    James B gave their reporter 60,000 of the mayor's illegally obtained emails with the hospital bidder at... the Malibu!!! no wonder Unger hangs with the smelly fish & sugar mama.

  2. Wonder how Beth Mason feels, knowing that the tens of thousands of emails declared as public documents from the trial are enough fodder to keep these types of revelations coming out daily or at least weekly for months to come. Every day, every week, new documentation from her own people dragging her down.

    Also, this Sarah person sounds like one nasty piece of work.

    1. At the risk of getting sucked into another 2 1/2 year SLAPP, I will concur with your observation about the "nasty piece of work."

  3. Bajardi had the mayors stolen emails. he does nothing, Barracato brags he has 60,000 stolen emails to Stojkovich. she does nothing. Tells Kim. she also does nothing. these people sue bloggers for telling the truth!

  4. Hopefully the disinfecting sunshine cast by GA and DaHorsey will help motivate the wheels of justice...

  5. Hang on to your panties ladies it is going to be a quite a long fun ride and it just started.

  6. I feel so bad for you and Roman and all that you had to endure but I am loving this insight! Unbelievable.


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