GA SMOOCHing Horsey's attorney while GA's attorney, Stephen Katzman looks on

GA is under instructions to refer media to my attorney, Stephen Katzman; Katzman will answer questions about court proceedings.  At this time (today) I have no comment.

However, GA can skirt the legal mumbo-jumbo to delight in the fact that our First Amendment and New Jersey State Constitution have survived a 2 1/2 year onslaught to attack political speech online.  GA will (somehow) obtain the judge's ruling and share it with you.  And since the trial (transcripts and audio), and exhibits presented in open court are in the public domain, one can expect our media to obtain them at some point.  Or any private citizen.

PolitickerNJ is the only media outlet to cover the trial; the NY Post appeared once. The Hoboken Reporter coverage is absolute crap.  
“The suit needs to sufficiently support the finding of actual malice or reputational injury,” Arre added. “Therefore, the plaintiffs’ complaint is dismissed.”
-PolitickerNJ , 2/10/2015

So, anyway it's been a rather surreal day.  Had the case not been dismissed, GA was ready to put on my first witness, Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  

And if the media wants to know the relevance of Mayor Zimmer's testimony, simply obtain Judge Patrick J. Arre's ruling.  It's in there.  One sentenceGA dares the media do some WORK for a change, instead of repeating dismissed allegations in a 2 1/2-old complaint, that were DISMISSED months ago.

The DISMISSED 2012 allegations that the media keeps re-publishing had NOTHING to do with this 2015 trial.

MEDIA: do your homework.  


  1. HUGE CONGRATS!!!!! The people of Hoboken salute you and Horsey, we should all buy you a drink (or 10)!!

  2. Congratulations. That's the news I've been waiting for for the past week.

  3. Justice served. Thank you for going the distance and fighting. The only thing you have in life is your reputation and one must fight to protect it.

    Now file to recover your legal fees, those crooks deserve to feel your pain in their pocketbook.

  4. GREAT news!!!! Anon @ 2:06 is right, NJ has frivolous litigation statutes against junk litigation. It didn't even get to a jury??? WOW, pretty rare. That means the case is utter crap. You guys should be able to recover legal fees and other damages. The judge sounds like the no-nonsense type. GO!!!!!

  5. Maybe now that the suit is over some anons will take names. Time will tell. The bajardis lost. But it will take a while to see if the slapp failed to meet its objectives.

    1. The SLAPP may have driven away the names, but luckily it never drove away the comments. Speech will always find a way to be free, not sure if I need to come back under a name.

      And while it would great for Roman and Nancy to now recoup legal expenses and perhaps even damages, I'm guessing it would also be paid by those who paid for the plaintiffs' lawyers.

  6. Does the Arre statement involve stolen email?


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