City Council: Do the Right Thing

Beth Mason and Terry Castellano voted "NO" to flood pump that would protect residents- and the ShopRite Plaza. 

It is outrageous that taxpayers must fund a Special Meeting tonight all because two Councilpersons would not act responsibly on Wednesday to approve a low-interest loan  for a desperately needed flood pump.   Yes, "special" meetings are taxpayer-funded.

Mason and Castellano are playing politics with our safety, our property and our local economy.  Neither are deserving of the public trust.  They need to be replaced in 2015.

Tonight, the citizens of Hoboken hope that Mike Russo and/or Tim Occhipinti step up and do the right thing for us.

Let your voices be heard. 


  1. After two plus hours of debunking a lot of the disinformation the council voted to approve
    7 to 2.
    Mason after her usual disjoint, psychotic hand waving attempt at justifying her position voted no again and it look like Russo gave Mason a mercy no voted. Funny he would vote against the best interest of the residents in his own Ward to do so.

    1. If this pump is going to alleviate the flooding by shop rite, that's the 5th ward. The flooding begins at the corner of 9th and Madison, runs west on 9th to the steps for the light rail and runs north on Madison and Monroe to 10/11th. I'm not positive about 9th and Monroe, but everything on Madison north of 9th is 5th ward and Cunningham's. Peter has always been supportive of getting the pump from what I can recall.

      As it was explained to me, the real issue is that the Shop Rite parking lot was supposed to have drainage or something built into it and didn't. As a result, tidal flooding in the marsh land was made considerably worse. We can thank everyone involved in the building of that Shop Rite for the issue - from the building inspector to the developer to the contractor who did the work. Additionally, at least one building back there has seepage issues in their garage (they're all 5 over 1s) because the garages are somewhat underground. Again, the developers and the building inspectors are to thank.

      I wouldn't live in that neighborhood if you paid me.

    2. The pump will help alleviate flooding on the entire west side of Hoboken not just near Shop Rite. When it rains storm water flows south and a pump that takes water out of the City further north will also take some of the water out before it reaches the pump on Observer.

      The Third Ward includes the many areas South of the light rail station that flood.


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