Augie Whacks Scarinci

Augie Torres sucks on sour grapes, whacks Scarinci
 Oh my!  11 days after Judge Patrick Arre tossed out the garbage,  Political Insider Augie Torres arrives at the table for sour grapes.

Torres, strictly old-school, doesn't like the counter-culture of the blogs and the democratizing of snark.  Folks like him don't seem to believe that lowly schlubs like me have the same entitlements to mock institutions of power, hypocrites and shady politicos.   Simply put, old-school Augie wants to throw every jab and be the sole source of opinion on local politics.  Torres sees the aftermath of Arre's decision as bestowing "power."


Bloggers have no more "power" than we did before Hoboken411's ghost-writer launched his lawsuit. The Court simply affirmed our constitutional right of free speech.  That 's the same right that allows Torres to infer bloggers are "arrogant" and mock the "wife, kids and dog" of our subjects.

GA likes Augie's column, at the same time he can be a real a$$hole. Ooooh, the power of that naughty word! 

Anyway, GA noticed Augie's column took a whack at Constitutional scholar Donald Scarinci.

Why?  Apparently because Scarinci endorsed uppity bloggers' rights to internet free speech, Augie cracked that Scarinci " once was an opinion-writing editor on his Union Hill High School newspaper in Union City."  Yeah, and  GA was editorial cartoonist on my college newspaper.   So what?

Sour grapes make sour whine:

The magic of Hoboken's local media- making inconvenient facts disappear- is why the blogs are here to stay.

Deal with it.


  1. The small world of power lawyers in the NJ-NY has to now be watching when one of their own like Donald Scarinci wades in on a case brought by such close friends of Richard Mason.

    Unexpected repercussions.

  2. Augie is more of a Luddite than anything else. He rightly sees the internet and bloggers as a threat to his "brandy and cigars at midnight in the diner" romance. As essentially a gossip columnist, his "profession" is particularly in the cross-hairs of blogging, which is faster, leaner and more thorough.

    He essentially wants the internet to go away because he can't control it. So does Beth. Both of them have bright futures. Just not here and not now.

  3. They announced Garcias replacement will be Annette Chaparro....She is the police chief Girl Friend and treasure to former Assemblyman Ruben Ramos

    1. I love Annette! She was the ZBA secretary for awhile when I served. Smart, capable and very nice. I'm happy for her.


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