Ravi WINS!

Congratulations, Council President Bhalla on your BIG win

Our local media, The Hoboken Reporter,  LOVES you!

Yes, they LOVE you to the tune of a 1,303 word-article on your waived $100 dollar fine (which you are disputing in Appellate Court)...

While The Hoboken Reporter does NOT love Councilwoman Beth Mason!

PROOF: The Hoboken Reporter could only spare 984 words to report historic ELEC fines- $44,000 reduced to $37,000  for her last TWO campaigns (2009 mayoral and 2011 City Council)!   That is about 25% FEWER words than the Bhalla waived $100 fine story!  Do you need to see that a little closer?

And The Hoboken Reporter didn't even honor Councilwoman Mason on the cover-- though her's (and Treasurer Richard Mason's) are the  LARGEST ELEC fines in Hoboken political history!

Next, The Hoboken Reporter forgot to disclose that ELEC's $37,000 judgment was against TWO co-Respondents Beth Mason, candidate, and her Treasurer, Richard Mason.   If you don't believe GA, the ELEC decision was published on a national blog for legal professionals, Above the Law. (Credit to GA reader snoopy for submitting the link to GA)

Unlike The Hoboken Reporter, the legal blog correctly reported both co-Respondents were subject to the ELEC judgment:  "Hoboken councilwoman  Beth Mason and her husband, Wachtell Lipton partner Ricky Mason just got hit with  about $40,000 in election finance reporting violations."

At the same time that  The Hoboken Reporter  named co-Respondent Richard Mason once in the $37,000 judgement against him, the Bhalla article cited the name of Bhalla's former co-leasee, Condon six times!   SIX!   The Hoboken Reporter mentioned him a half-dozen times in an article about a waived $100 fine.  Surely Mr. Condon, a successful litigator, appreciates his name appearing in the Hoboken Reporter's many loving tributes to Councilman Bhalla. 

Perhaps Mr. Condon should advertise in The Hoboken Reporter so he will not appear in as many loving Bhalla tributes?

In any case GA hears there will be an award presentation for Bhalla's Big Win coming up.... stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations, Councilman Bhalla!

  2. The reporter gave "0" words to the swearing in of the new education trustees last Tuesday. Does that mean they love them, hate them or that Beth hadn't decided yet?

    1. I'm going with " Beth hadn't decided yet."


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