Politickernj: Beth Mason a "LOSER"

Beth Mason a "LOSER" according to Politickernj.com

In fairness, Politickernj put Councilwoman Mason below the Trenton-Hugger, Chris Christie, on their list of Losers- the first one of 2015.

Should a local historian ever chart the political downfall of Councilwoman Mason, he/she will note that it began sometime in 2007 when Mason came under the influence of a corrosive group of misanthropes.  (Note this was long before the so-called "Zimmer-bloggers" existed.) 

Mason's terrible judgment in advisers and political operatives, her laziness to supervise them, has accelerated her political demise and created this ELEC mess. Rumor has it an anchovy was doing her ELEC bookkeeping.  Mason's narcissism does not allow the kind of introspection needed to "turn it around"- starting with firing incompetent operatives.  Her troubles will always be someone else's fault; if you cannot reinvent yourself, then sue everyone around you; or underwrite proxies to dispatch your political critics and enemies (choose proxies as narcissistic as yourself.)

Let's see how that's worked.


  1. I'm glad politicker has figured out what we already knew.


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