HR's 2014 Power List: Zimmer drops 9 Places, Mason Slides Off to Oblivion

June 2, 2014--Secretary Shaun Donovan congratulates Mayor Zimmer for her leadership in obtaining a $230M HUD grant for Hoboken  

Well, now you know  the 'brain trust' over at The Hoboken Reporter ought to be re-named the 'brain-dead' trust.   

Their so-called 2014 'Power List' dropped Mayor Zimmer 9 places from last year's #5, to #14, citing "her political influence is waning" and "rumors swirling around that she might resign." 


Somebody tell the 'brain-dead trust' in the Editorial Offices at The Hoboken Reporter that in 2014 Mayor Zimmer scored Hoboken a $230,000,000 grant from HUD for flood prevention.

$230,000,000!  That's almost as much as Beth Mason's spent on ads in The Hoboken Reporter!  And make no mistake: if the Mayor had not publicly reamed Gov. Christie for holding Sandy relief hostage to a development deal, the state would not have been nearly as helpful with Hoboken's application for Rebuild by Design money.

"Waning political influence?" Check out U.S. Secretary Shaun Donovan trying to cop a feel off the Mayor after he praised her "leadership" in scoring $230M HUD grant for Hoboken last June.  Watch out, Stan.

 Frankly,  GA thinks the mayor's governing success has rattled the 'Boys Club.' 

 Zimmer makes national headlines exposing Christie

Oh yeah,  the HR's 'Power List' is gushing testosterone; the first woman on their list is #14, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer (excluding  'Mother Nature' at #9)   

What's the matter, fellas?   Do the Lady-Mayor's achievements make your Y chromosomes shrink?   Or anything else?

Well, let's take a look at the 'Power List'- then and now.

 ZIMMER 2013
#5: Dawn Zimmer, Mayor of Hoboken (- , 4) Zimmer dropped a spot from last year’s list, but that’s more due to Fulop and Bartoli than a discredit to her. The mile-square city’s first female mayor survived a brutal mayoral campaign in November and squeaked her way to victory with 46 percent of the vote, but in doing so, solidified her power base with a majority on the City Council, ensuring that her second term agenda won’t lose steam due to legislative roadblocks and political gamesmanship. Zimmer remained a familiar face on the national stage as she continued to advocate for solutions to Hoboken’s hurricane vulnerability. And though this list technically only pertains to a person’s performance in 2013, her nationally televised accusations against Christie could have a significant effect on her 2014 ranking, whether that means a surge upwards or a long fall down.


14 – Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer (No. 5 last year) has seen her political fortunes wane somewhat from their high after Superstorm Sandy and after her confrontations with Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno. In 2013, she gained national exposure after standing up to the governor over alleged pressure to support a politically-favored development in Hoboken if she wanted more Sandy aid. Zimmer’s reelection victory in late 2013 and her moves to consolidate government after that have shown her influence largely inside Hoboken. However, she has also become a team player on other issues countywide. With rumors swirling around that she might resign to take another post outside the town, she has the potential to influence political decisions in and out of Hoboken over the next year.

Now here is the Hoboken Reporter's take on Beth Mason.

In 2013 ranked #12.

In 2014... all gone!

MASON 2013 

#12: Beth Mason, Hoboken Councilwoman and Democratic Party donor (+, 14) – What influence Mason lost locally in 2013 she more than made up for in county and state circles. A staunch and perpetual critic of Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Mason took a chance in the mayoral election and helped to bankroll the campaign of one of the mayor’s challengers – losing big. Still, she toured Hoboken with future Sen. Booker (she was almost his opponent in the primaries after being courted by some party bigwigs to run for Lautenberg’s vacated seat) and hosted two of the year’s most well-attended political mixers. The second of the two, a dinner co-hosted with State Sen. President Steve Sweeney in Atlantic City during the League of Municipalities conference in November, was ranked highest on the Star-Ledger’s list of must-attend events.

MASON 2014

Honorable Mention:   Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason, who may seek higher office and seems to have unlimited funds at her disposal...