Buh-bye, Big Metal Friends!

What a rewarding, almost-2 years its been...

It's truly bittersweet to see our friends finally leave their shantytown at the HHA Parking Lot 

Hasta la vista!

The shrink wrap is gone, and soon, so will they (be gone)- or at least the 6 generators that "fit" the existing Housing Authority buildings. Those Lucky 6 will generate electricity and keep emergency systems operational for years to come!

But what of the other 8 generators that "aren't right for the space"?  

Can they be altered to be "right for the space"?   

Do the 8 HHA buildings have adequate back-up power in case of an emergency, until the generators are made "right for the space"? 

GA hopes ALL of the generators can be installed before this calender runs out of days:


  1. I'm teary eyed just thinking about them leaving.

  2. the other question is: will the lucky 6 generators still even work after sitting outside unused for years?

    someone should be held responsible for this debacle. we know who that someone is.


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