Bhalla Resolution Opposes Cuts in PATH Service

Hoboken Reporter too busy reporting on Bhalla's waived $100 fine to update public on historic Mason ELEC complaints 

Here we go, tomorrow's the first City Council meeting of 2015.
Well folks, this is Hoboken!  Where elected officials try to kill the sale of our hospital causing 1,200 layoffs, $52M bond default triggering bankruptcy, converting the City's bond rating to junk status,   and blowing $4.5M of taxpayer money with a 'NO' vote on a cost-free garage bond refinance-- because they don't like the Mayor!  It kinda seems like these elected officials don't like us.

The wannabe hospital sale killers were Councilpersons Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti, Mike Russo and Theresa Castellano.  

These same four elected officials sued to keep Jim Doyle off the City Council in the aftermath of the Sandy flood disaster-- halting the wheels of government at a time when Hoboken residents needed their government to work.  Public outrage at litigation-crazy Councilwoman Mason, the sponsor of  numerous lawsuits against the City has put her political future in Hoboken in doubt.   

Well folks, that is part of the historical backdrop of this Council, which brings us to 2015.

The Hoboken Reporter's first issue of 2015 boasted a fresh hatchet job on Ravi Bhalla- a 2 page spread on a reinstated dismissal of a waived $100 fine by a state Board of political appointees with an axe to grind against the Zimmer administration.  The HR piece recycled the "Greatest Hits of Beth Mason;" her attacks on Bhalla obediently repeated in our newspaper.  It is easy enough to determine that Bhalla's contributions did not violate pay-to-play limits... but when you've received boatloads of advertising dollars from Bhalla's enemy, why bother?   Instead, the paper printed a litany of  Bhalla's contributions, hinted at pay-to-play violations, then told us Bhalla denied the allegations (which the paper is disseminating).  

Mason PAC violates Pay-to-Play going $6,617 over the $500 contribution limit

Hey, HR: instead of swinging Beth Mason's hatchet, how about  LOOKING UP PAY-TO-PLAY LAW?   How about verifying the truth and accuracy of whether Bhalla's contributions exceeded Pay-to-Play limits?  And while you're at it, crack open the ELECs of Mason, 2012's Move Forward, and Tim Occhipinti ( secret cash contributions from Birdsall Engineering).
Occhipinti BUSTED by the Star Ledger

 Meanwhile, how much ink did the Hoboken Reporter spill on Beth Mason's historic ELEC complaints alleging hundreds of reporting violations in her 2009 and 2011 campaigns? 

So will 2015 bring a better working relationship among factions on the City Council?  GA hopes so.

Let's see if there can at least be agreement on the Bhalla-Cunningham resolution to support Mayor Zimmer's statement opposing reductions in PATH service including the elimination of  service between 1AM-5AM.


  1. i forgot about tim's birdsall scandal. Didn't petey cammarano get thousands of $300 checks in 2009? Thats an Elec loophole you can drive a truck through. Elecs are a joke. Mason doesn't report political operatives, vendors hide contributions to tim in $300 checks and our fourth estate is obsessed with bhalla.

  2. While I agree with this resolution's premise, it's a waste as it does nothing. They probably have real business they could attend to (or not, the obstructionists do try to stop everything).

  3. Shark of the HudsonJanuary 6, 2015 at 3:56 PM

    The Hudson Reporter will never do an article on NJ ELEC and Beth Mason.
    I promise you this.


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