The Final Frontier

Are lawyers permitted to kiss clients?

Well folks, Horsey broke the news today: Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia's Civil Complaint No. 2   was tossed into the dumpster on December 19, 2014, leaving one lawsuit, The Final Frontier, against The Enterprise.

The Enterprise consists of Mayor Zimmer, HHA Commissioner Dave Mello, HHA Chairwoman Dana Wefer and the spouse of the Mayor, all white people.   How white are they?  

Doesn't say.


Yes, but how white?  Like Cafe au lait?  French vanilla ice cream?  Jonny Winter white?  Are white people actually white?  Or a milky blend of primary colors?

I don't know if Zimmer's spouse is white, but he sure is radiant!

GA is heartened to hear that piece of crap (#2) was tossed, because now all eyes and ears are focused on The Final Frontier: the battle against the Enterprise in the Hoboken Federation.

MSV also reported that The Federation has deployed a new weapon to battle The Final Frontier.  Not a laser beam nor death ray.  No, a "demand letter."

As a retired pro se litigant, I know a little about this stuff.  A demand letter is a chance for a Plaintiff to avoid the legal and financial consequences of filing a frivolous lawsuit.  Of course, that action comes after a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo, over a period of months, sometimes years.   GA believes the Federation is dead serious about pursuing the consequences of this latest taxpayer-screwing.  Because since the Federation is funding Enterprise's battle, The Final Frontier - and taxpayers fund the Federation- we are the silent army forced to fight a stupid, frivolous war.

Well, that is MY opinion.  Signing off, Federation Taxpayer GA.


  1. Yeah Johnny was really, really white. Dave Mello, he's not nearly so white, maybe for a Hispanic guy. Dana Wefer definitely more white than Lt. Uhura.

    I knew Johnny, he was a white friend of mine. Back in the day when drummers wore sport coats and nothing else on top. Who is this Carmelo Zalamayas guy and how'd he get on the Enterprise?


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