Sunday Matinee: Council Do-Little

Ah, to enjoy the fruits of a long, relaxing holiday weekend....  GA finally cracked open the video editing software I got couple of months ago--the above is my very first feature film!  Sure, it's crude,  choppy, and synched like a 1950's Godzilla movie. But, you know what they say--practice, practice, practice! GA hopes you enjoy the short films, documentaries, etc., integrating film, graphics and animation that I will be posting in the future!


  1. i'm amazed mikey contains himself from busting out laughing, LOL!

  2. Luv how Mason is peeking between the camel's humps. The camel went from 2 to 3 humps. Excellent editing.

  3. Mason has a long history of not controlling her political animals.


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