6 Down, 8 to Go...

..or maybe not.  But first...

Big props to HHA Chairwoman Dana Wefer!

On December 11th, Wefer announced six of the fourteen generators ordered for the HHA with federal grant money after 2012's Superstorm Sandy, would finally be leaving their parking lot!

After 18 months, its not a moment too soon!

Because we remember what the Hoboken Reporter wrote last February:
... HUD said, the generators were delivered in fall on purpose. At the time, HUD, Garcia and the vendor were aware that inclement weather might be looming, but the manufacturer wanted to prove that its new model generator, more powerful than previous iterations, could withstand the elements. 
Surely, HUD didn't deliver the generators two years early to sit for two winters in the parking lot "on purpose."

GA wishes the 6 generators leaving the parking lot a bright future- full of electricity, in their new HHA homes.   Happy trails, big metal friends!

But... there seems to be a problem with other 8.

Here is what Wefer said on the Hudson County View video clip:  "we will be installing six of the generators in the next month... and we're still going to have 8 others that really aren't right for the space."

Aren't "right" for the space?  What does that mean?  What space are they "right" for?

This space?

It was Mayor Zimmer who had pointed out in her May 1, 2013 letter to former HHA Director Carmelo Garcia:

Good catch, Mayor!

The Vision 20-20 contract was awarded without back-up generators!  Wow.

In April 2013, a RPM Development was selected to build Phase I of Vision 2020 as the Executive Director lobbied the City Council for a "resolution of need."

16 back-generators had been ordered, the first installed on a rooftop in June 2013...

... while 14  were delivered to the HHA parking lot but not installed "on purpose" because the manufacturer wanted to show us how their "powerful model" can "withstand the elements!"

Now, in December 2014, 6 can be installed but the other 8 are "not right for the space..."

Does this refer to the need to raise the electric sub- panels?  It doesn't sound like it... it sounds like a design or engineering issue. Generators sit on platforms, outdoors.  Hey, HoboJoe- you out there?

"Not right for the space... "

What a mystery!

Meanwhile, GA hears that residents have grown so fond of the hulking, shrink-wrapped generators that they've organized a going-away party, complete with pony rides and a balloon-animal making clown.

See you there, in the parking lot at Fourth and Harrison.    

Bon voyage!


  1. I heard the Council Blowhard at Large AKA Kids 1st hater is going to use one as a 3rd Bedroom.

  2. add those 8 generators to the (long) list of problems facing garcia...

  3. Those units generated less hot air than the Chairman of the Phony Reformers for Biancamono Fan Club generates twice a month at council meetings .
    Blahhhh Blah, Blahhhhh blahblahblathreebedrooms...blahhh blah blahhh.... oark on the streetsBlahhhh

  4. Dear Anonymous 7:16 pm and 10:04 am,

    I am writing to make you aware that your comments are potentially defamatory toward a particular individual whom many believe, perhaps mistakenly, is you. If you are that individual then by all means keep posting since the damage to your reputation is then well deserved. If you are not, please stop. An innocent person's reputation is being destroyed simply because many people are attributing your posts to him, causing people to perhaps incorrectly reach conclusions about both his ethical compass and his maturity level.

    1. Dear Anonymous, If the person you claim is being defamed is actually being defamed without any names being stated or actual defamatory charges being put forth you're nuts. Sorry, you need to go law school.
      Warm Regards, Your friend Anonymous. Oh wait you're anonymous too, and so is the person you are claiming is writing defamatory stuff. Ha Ha. Clowns...

  5. Folks (you know who you are), STOP it. Work it out in the playground, not here. Fair warning and last warning.

    For the record, I have no idea who or what you are talking about, and I doubt anyone else does, either.

    1. Hoboken has some really nice playgrounds.

    2. Not only do we not have any idea what they are talking about, but we also don't care. Petty bickering, grow up.


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