Which Campaign Sent THIS to a Hoboken Mom?

Do you recognize this handwriting?

Why can't Hoboken's Dark Side run a clean School Board campaign?

Opponents of Reform, apparently frustrated there is no Kids First slate in this election cycle, are harassing supporters of Kids First (and  Parents for Progress.) 

One Hoboken mom of a Wallace School student- a known supporter of Kids First and Parents for Progress: Monica Stromwell,  Sharyn Angley, and Antonio Gray, was mailed the above cryptic  'letter.'

This kind of 'letter' serves no political objective.  It's primary purpose is to harass, intimidate, and discourage participation in the democratic election process.  This is a foolish, gratuitously mean tactic; the kind of thuggery that comes out of a campaign led by amoral, nasty persons.  

Hmmm... brings back memories...

Speaking of nasty and amoral School Board campaigns, this 'letter' to a non-candidate reminds GA of 2012's Move Forward 'Nazi Truck' debacle- where another Kids First supporter was attacked with swastikas on a Move Forward sound truck.

Coincidentally, the Campaign Co-manager of the Nazi-Truckin' 'Move Forward' is the Campaign Manager of the Murray-Waiters-Danzker "Parents for Change" ticket!

Once a dirtbag, always a dirtbag

But I digress, sorta.

So, which campaign do you think was creeping around the family home of this Hoboken mom, looking in her windows,  and then sent her this ominous, unsigned letter?

Was it the campaign backed by Frank Raia, or the campaign backed by Beth Mason?  

Folks, there is only one slate of candidates untainted by HOBOKEN CORRUPTION.  They are not running for self-interest, or to coalesce power behind a political faction.  They are 'in it' for OUR KIDS.  They are Moms and Dads, non-politicians, not interested in political power but the power of education. They are wholesome, decent and will CONTINUE THE PATH OF PROGRESS in Hoboken district schools.

GA is a Hoboken district school mom, and these are the folks whom I trust to run our schools.

Please, vote for Parents for Progress: Stromwell, Angley & Gray on November 4.

VOTE:  2 + 3 = 5 

Wholesome, Decent, Honest. 


  1. This is so idiotic. what's even the point of it?? Just a failed attempt at juvenile bullying which doesn't even make sense...which makes it perfectly in sync with tactics of the Nazi Truck masterminds.

  2. Joe 84 is a nasty piece of work, a bully. No surprise if it came from that camp.

  3. Yes and keep that in mind that Joe 84 is the campaign manager for Parents for Change a slate made up of - one anti-semitic candidate, one who bashes all things hoboken and one nasty, mean spirited, full of herself wicked witch.

    Vote 2-3-5


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