VBM Wars!

"Splitting the vote"

Well folks, the 'word on the street' is that the VBMs are pouring in, and the "exchange rate" in this low-turnout election is $35 per ballot.  A knowledgeable source tells GA:
"700 vbm are in and they are splitting their vote".
That number is at odds with alleged claims of one "Parents for Change" candidate.  According to another source:
("Parents for Change" candidate) said they ("Education for All Children" slate) already have 1000 VBM...but he/she is MAD because Franks not paying if they use their third vote for him/her.... he's only paying ONLY Peter & Fran....No vote for you!!!  LOL    He/She claims he/she has someone willing to testify to the harvest because Frank wouldn't pay unless that person erased their vote for (Parents for Change" candidate).  Going rate for this low turnout election is $35...so 35 x 1000....$35,000. 
Holy cow!  $35,000!  (Well, that is less cash than spent on getting Timmy 17% of the vote in 2013. )

 If that's right, a veritable tsunami of cash is washing through both "Parents for Change" and "Education for All Children" BoE slates.

 "Parents for Change" has spent big bucks for posters, boots on the ground to plaster them high on utility poles around town, and yesterday... doorknockers!  But WHOSE bucks?

Wait for the ELECs.



  1. Huge windfall for Brian Murray's next 'Boken to the 'burbs' seminar.

    "I happen to have first-hand knowledge of an ongoing criminal enterprise in which people are paid to vote for BOE candidates. I also happen to know that the people targeted by the vote-buyers tend to be the city's underclass who will lose their homes in HHA if law enforcement ever finds out about the measly $35 they got paid to break the law.

    "Do you think the people running for BOE care that this is being done in their names? Without revealing my sources can can tell you for certain that we --- rather they, I meant to say they--- they don't care.

    "In fact - get this. They whine about your tax dollars, but you know what? They've plastered illegal posters high on utility poles all over town. Guess where the money will come from to pay to have those posters taken down? That's right - your tax dollars.

    "Oh, it gets even better. One of the candidates is vehemently anti-semitic. See, anti-semitism is generally becoming more acceptable among critics of the administration - I mention that in case any of you folks on the bus are Jewish. If so: get out of Hoboken NOW.

    "Well guess what - the wife of their campaign manager is Jewish! Does she care? Heck no! Here's the kicker - one of the candidates is Jewish! Can you believe it? You can already guess - she doesn't care a bit what kind of ugly remarks her fellow candidates make. All they want to do is get elected. Scorched earth all the way.

    "Now, I ask you friends - do you want to live in a city with people like me doing things like that? I meant them, people like them doing things like that. Sorry, you're my third bus-load today. You know how it is. Hey, look at all those open parking spots at that mall - now that's livin'! Am I right? You betcha!"

  2. brancos people ratting out pupie! lol!

  3. Danzker getting a pass in all this? why? She no babe in the woods, in fact worse because she knows better and pretends she doesnt see. Shame!

    1. No pass for Danzker. Once the election is certified she joins their ranks.

  4. Where are the campaign filings from the last BOE race?


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