Phony Baloney: Mason Failed to Fund Monarch Battle TWICE

She was FOR it, before she was AGAINST it.

The Monarch Project, that is.

Should collective amnesia befall the 50,000 residents of Hoboken, then none of us will remember this: 

FEBRUARY 23, 2012

Nor this:

JULY 13, 2013

Otherwise, the rest of us remember them well.

Mason's 2nd Ward constituents know that politics comes before their best interest- until election season.   

Bring out the poinsettias!   Bag the chocolates!  Fill those sacks with frozen turkeys!  And don't forget the "Mason Civic League" label!

But in fact, when Tea Building and Shipyard residents needed their elected representative to fund the battle against the Monarch development project, where was Mason?    AWOL

So you mean that Mason ducked a City Council vote on funding the legal battle against the Monarch project (she could have called her vote in if unable to be there in person), then voted in-person AGAINST funding the legal battle?


Facing re-election next year, all of a sudden she's opposing the Monarch project.  What do you think of that, kitty?

Well folks, if you need transportation to the meeting on October 28, please do not hesitate to call the Beth Mason at 201-916-8244, or if you wish to donate your organs please do not hesitate to click here.