"Parents For Litter" Trash our Streets

Sent in by a horrifed reader:
Is this allowed??? I couldn't find the ordinance but I didn't think so! Imagine what it would look like if everyone did this!? If not, it is a terrible example to set for the students. Do what you want if you can afford the fine? Did Murray and Danker approve this? Shame on them. Horrible, some are already blowing off. 
Dear reader, I am aghast at the filth Brian Murray-Patty Waiters-Lynn Danzker have spread throughout our city!  

First off, these utility poles are private property.  WHO gave them permission to litter the privately-owned poles with signage?  I am pretty sure there could be some hefty fines for this kind of vandalism- defacing private property, as well as summons from Hoboken for littering.

What kind of example does this set for our children?  Look what they've done to our streets!


  1. I guess they have enough "change" to make it worth paying all those fines. $$$$

  2. The irony, of course, is that in their effort to place the signs high enough to be out of reach, they've also placed them out of the line of vision. I guarantee most people walk by and don't ever notice them, how does that help their cause?? More work of the mentally challenged political hack underclass, but I guess they don't really care as long as they get paid (thanks, Sugar Moma!).

  3. The other "littering" we need to do something about is in the first picture - that "RENTED" sign affixed to the railing. That one particular realtor has these signs all over town - often in the same place for years! It's nothing more than illegal billboards.


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