Nice at the City Council

GA checked in on last night's City Council meeting, and was pleasantly surprised by the decorum on the dais (or for Tim: DUH-corum).

It's true!  Last night there was no shouting, insult-swapping or  attacking Corporation Counsel...

Not even one Councilman telling another to go home and cut eye-holes in his pillowcase like the KKK...

In fact, no battles over Vision 20/20 with one Councilman challenging another to live at the HHA...

Russo: Move into a unit (HHA), move into a unit then we'll talk!

Mello: Let somebody move into your unit (Church Towers), let somebody move into your unit!  Desegregate your building!   (addressing HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia) You want to talk about the conversations... who do you think burned out people's families?   Director, why don't  you talk about who burned down peoples families 20 years ago? Why don't we have those comments?

Russo: Let's have them, Councilman!

Mello: Be my guest, Director!

 Russo: Where were you when the shootings were going on?  Where were you when the stabbings were going on?

 Mello: Director, why don't you talk about whose funeral you refused to go to because you because you blame him for the burnings?

Russo: You're a joke!

Mello: You're a joke in a segregated complex!

Holy cow!

To boot, last night there was no stomping off the dais before a vote, no hissy fits, no attacks on members of the public- not even a single City Council member getting busted for emailing a confidential request from Corporation Counsel  to a political operative!  

What gives?

To tell the truth, GA likes it. The decorum and DUH-corum. 

Yes, Tim comported himself well, too. Take that, evil candy cane!

GA has one suggestion- for the videographer.

Is it possible to cut Terry completely out of the frame and maybe zoom in a little more on Jim Doyle?   Like, maybe just shoot him and forget the rest of them?

Am I right, ladies*?

hubba hubba

*kiddin', Leah-girlfriend!