Murray: Classrooms Can Learn from Casinos!

Folks, in case you need "something to think about" 'Parents for Change' candidate Brian Murray suggests modeling the classroom learning experience on the "strategic design" of casinos!

I kid you not.  The guy who trashes district school performance at every opportunity would like to turn classrooms into gambling casinos, with "loyalty cards" and "points for homework."

GA suggests he rename his slate, Parents for Change to "Parents for Chips."

Possible campaign slogans:
Gamble on Us
 Want Your Kid to be a High Roller?
Play Craps With Public Schools
 Let's Roll the Dice
Gambling with Your Kid's Education
Cash Your Chips In with Us
Let's Party in the Classroom

In fact, I hear Mr. Murray wants to replace Smartboards with roulette wheels, and is planning to hire 15 or 20 friends to keep the ball(s) on the vertical wheels (you know, gravity and all).

In fact, now that student uniforms have come to Hoboken High School and the Junior/Senior High School, Murray is proposing uniforms for (female) teachers- see below.

Because, you know... it's all about making learning an "enjoyable experience"-- like casinos!

For those who don't care for bringing casinos into the classroom, there is one slate free of idiotic ideas and antisemitism.

 Moreso, they are district PARENTS who understand the tremendous progress going on in the schools... a DIRECT RESULT of Kids First  efforts to route out waste and corruption in our district.

These PARENTS are stepping up to CONTINUE THE PROGRESS in our schools. GA can tell you it is real, and we CANNOT GO BACKWARD.

Please folks, on Tuesday, November 4 VOTE for Antonio Gray, Sharyn Angley and Monica Stromwell: 
 2 + 3 = 5


  1. Parents for Chips! You are one creative cookie GA! And you are correct, the progress is real and we can NOT GO BACKWARDS!!!



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