Hoboken Fish-Wrap Endorses the Murray-Waiters slate

 "However, the Parents for Change slate also possesses a strong vision for how the school board could be run better, focusing on the development of long-term goals, greatly expanded dialogue with the larger community, and securing a committed superintendent."
 -The Hoboken Reporter, October 26, 2014

They do?

Um...  did the Hoboken Reporter just tell us the Murray-Waiters slate "possesses" a vision for how the school board could run "better?"   They did!

GA recognizes that heavy editorial hand.

Didn't the HR mean to write: "(Candidate X) says "Parents for Change also possesses a strong vision..."  or " "Parents for Change believes they have a vision for how the school board could be run better..."


Not when Mason ad-bucks are being shoveled into HR coffers and 'word on the street' is that the 2nd Ward Councilwoman backs Parents for Change, along with former HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia and Chris "Thumbs up" Campos, managed by Joe "I wasn't Driving the Truck" Branco. 

Who are "Parents for Change"?

There's Brian "I'll-sell-you-a place-in-the-burbs-cause-Hoboken-schools-suck" Murray, pictured below,  cheering for HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.   (Garcia was fired that night for allegedly taking campaign contributions from HHA vendors.)  

 "We can, We will, Just watch us!"

When Murray is not screaming for Carmelo Garcia, screaming at the Reform members of Hoboken's School Board, or videotaping himself in his bathtub, he can usually be found trashing Hoboken public schools online, in the press and replacing oxygen with negativity-- all the while selling suburban homes to families he's discouraged from attending Hoboken public schools... Give Murray a round of applause!  

Just don't vote for him.

The next Parents for Change  candidate is Patricia "Not Sorry" Waiters.

What did I tell you?  Patty's not sorry.  And I won't be sorry either when I don't vote for her.

In fact, I wasn't sorry for not voting for her the half-dozen times she ran for every elected office in Hoboken.

You know, Patty Waiters is entitled to her opinion.  She is entitled to dislike Jews, entitled to say so, entitled to apologize for saying so, entitled to have apology letters written for her and entitled to retract those apology letters.   The public too, is entitled (not to vote for her.)

That is my recommendation.



Finally, Ms. Danzker. I  don't know her.  I read her bio somewhere and she has performed some impressive personal mitzvahs. But...

Danzker had an opportunity to repudiate the antisemitism of her running-mate and/or sever herself entirely from the ticket (what GA would have done).  She didn't.  And the Hoboken Reporter quotes her claiming to be "unfamiliar" with Waiters' remarks:
When Danzker, who won a local Jewish Heritage Month award in June, was asked last week if she had concerns about Waiters’ comments, she said she was unfamiliar with the content of the comments – even though the comments were printed in a cover story about the school board race last month.

After the Reporter emailed her a copy of the transcript of the remarks, Danzker said she had no comment because they “have nothing to do with the Board of Education.”

However, Murray said he had discussed the comments with Danzker.

Ooops.  BUSTED, girlfriend.

Not only was Danzker's claim patently untruthful, it shows low regard for the public's IQ.  

EVERY candidate for public office reads the newspapers, and if they don't their campaign does.  I am told Danzker posts on the Yahoo Moms message board, meaning she's plugged into Hoboken's internet community.

Folks, GA has a big problem with Danzker's (1) failure to confront the antisemitism of her running mate directly and (2) her dishonesty on the issue of Waiters in this week's HR.

This conduct is a BIG RED FLAG-- not how the public should expect a School Board Trustee to conduct herself.   The kids of Hoboken district public schools deserve better.  Since 2009, the School Board has waged war effectively on dishonest administrators and corruption in the management of our district. 

I will not vote for someone who I cannot trust to be TRUTHFUL, to do the right thing.  

Does Danzker have any idea about her campaign manager's activities in 2012's 'Move Forward" campaign, vis-à-vis a certain notorious sound truck?  Won't somebody tell her?

But then, swastika-trucks have "nothing to do with the Board of Education.”

Gals, never let a jackal lick your festering sores before he buys you dinner.

Carlo honey, get out of there.


  1. What a shock. The local real estate paper endorces the local real estate agent. Churn those units! Cha ching!

  2. The Carmelo Garcia/Murray/Danzker/Waiters Slate is worse than any train wreck because they'll wreck our schools and the hard fought progress of which our kids are finally enjoying. Why can't we just have a BOE where they are all concerned about our kids and not their friends? Enough with the corruption. Vote 2 + 3 = 5 on Nov. 4.

  3. who is the guy peeking over the newspaper?

  4. If her antisemitism weren't enough, hearing Waiters trying to speak should be enough to prove that she is completely unqualified to have any role on a school board.

    If Murray thinks the suburbs are so great, you may wonder why he hasn't moved on? Anonymous at 10:31 nailed it when he said "churn". For Murray, the point isn't that he would actually leave Hoboken, though we all wish he would, the point is to play on the fears of anxious parents so that they continuously provide the inventory our real estate industry needs to survive. I wonder what he says to prospective buyers with kids?

    Danzker is mostly an unknown entity. Not sure if she has kids or even attends school board meetings and all we know about her is that she got an award because of her religion. That's an accomplishment?

    It's very apparent that this odd collection of political misfits who have no shame are being propped up by those who support poorly conceived charter schools at all costs, mostly the rest of us, because for charter school families, nothing changes while the public schools get run into the ground.

    Vote 2-3-5, the informed choice.

  5. How can any thinking person vote for Parents for Change? This is a bunch of biased zealots without moral compass and a danger to the school children of Hoboken if they should ever gain power. Led by on=the=take=take=take Carmelo Garcia and DUI Chris Campos these candidates represent a REAL DANGER to Hoboken. Instead of voting for them, throw them in the shit=can permanently.


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