Curious Complaint

City Council voted to renew Condon contract on February 17, 2010 , the first Hoboken411 hack-attack was 9 days later on February 26

GA has obtained a copy of the Judge's decison in Ravinder Bhalla, Petitioner vs The Local Finance Board, Respondent, posted in full below.

The decision includes an excerpt from the original May 20, 2010 Belfiore complaint:

What do you think?

This excerpt raises questions for GA about the genesis of the complaint: "local internet sites." 

The only "local internet site" bloviating  about "uncovering" alleged impropriety was Hoboken411, with this "exclusive" on February 26, 2010:

Was the garbage routinely published on Hoboken411 really the springboard for this 4-year frivolous 'ethics' complaint?

Did the so-called Hoboken411 'journalist' even interview the subjects of his article: Mr. Bhalla, Mr. Condon, Mr. Cunningham and Mrs. Cunningham, or did the 'journalist' hope this gossipy-drek would ignite an internet brush-fire to consume the reputations and careers of his subjects?

Did the so-called 'journalist' using Bhalla, Condon,and the Cunninghams for online target practice ever use journalistic 'best practices' in the writing of this malicious gossip posing as 'news'?

Let the Judge answer:

"unsubstantiated innuendo" = YELLOW JOURNALISM
The alarming part is how a malicious "unsubstantiated innuendo" seed planted by HACK-journalism on "local internet sites" appears to have blossomed into a 4-year frivolous complaint which has arguably damaged the reputation of it's victim, Councilman Bhalla.

MSV has a breaking story that Mr. Belfiore has taken another swing at his favorite pinata- Ravi Bhalla, with an ELEC complaint.

Well, here's what the Judge had to say about the last one:

The complete decision:


  1. Shame on media outlets who spread H411s garbage.

  2. Eye opening report GA. Hey, who's the little boy in the Condon picture?
    Is Perry Klaussen hiring children to do his dirty field work?

    1. Somebody borrowed Daddy's camera?

  3. It all started on Hate411. Posting the same Ravi-Condon shit ad nauseum on These scum should be put out of business. if PK didn't write that, who did? the scumbag should be sued.

  4. The Hair is obsessed with Ravi. Weird.


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