Murray-Waiters' "Parents for Change" Litters our Streets, Gets Summons

Murray-Waiters-Danzker litter Hoboken, earn a Summons


Folks it looks like the same old Dark Side bankrollers are trying to BUY another School Board race.
GA hears that Murray-Waiters- Danzker 'Parents for Change' workers have been dispatched to knock on doors in the "big buildings" and reports out of the fourth ward are that they've left their  crap hanging on folks' door knobs.

The Murray-Waiters-Danzker sign mounted high on a light pole in the photo above earned 'Parent for Change'  summons, so GA hears.

Do you think a campaign believed to be funded by a Hudson Street Brinks Truck cares about a piddly ordinance? 

Folks, it takes cash to have these signs plastered high on street poles in the dead of night.  They have to do it when law-abiding citizens are fast asleep, or they would be reported to authorities.  In fact  you can expect the signs to stay up their and litter our streets long after the election is over.

Maybe we call them "Parents for Litter"?  "Parents for Violating Hoboken's Laws?"


  1. Gee....who in Hoboken has that much money and employees someone that tall....

  2. Can Mason's ape climb a ladder? He's not so good at holding an umbrella.

  3. Sneaking around in the dead of night, illegally stapling election posters high on public utility poles. That's an old school (Old Guard) tactic that demonstrates just how little respect they have for the community and the important issues at stake.

    But it does beg the questions: Does Murray hold the ladder while Danzker climbs up and does the dirty work with the staple gun? Or does Danzker give Murray a boost and he stands on Waiter's shoulders while Branco hands up the posters? Please, I need to see this!

    Saw one of their posters in the window at Scotland Yard -- a bar -- by the way. Parents for Change, keeping it classy!

  4. Speaking of places no-one should go to The Little Grocery has a poster proudly hanging in the front window. They continue to support anyone who is against the mayor. How The Little Dump is still in business is a true Hoboken mystery…..

  5. They are Parents for Change, and dollars, and checks, and money orders and under-the-table deals. Any denomination will do. Cents, dollars, no-bid contracts, no-show jobs. It's the coin of the realm for the Old Guard - and at 30 or 40 bucks a pop, the only way they can win an election.

  6. Parents for Change$$$
    Murray wants the listings, Lynn wants funding for her kids school and Patty wants to keep the employment agency open.
    Politics does make strange bedfellows but there is always a thread. $$$$


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