Bhalla Judge Lets Loose

Don't believe everything you read.

But you know, but there are some things you have to see to believe-  like the 67-page transcript of the July 2, 2014 hearing in the matter of Ravinder Bhalla, Petitioner vs The Local Finance Board, Respondent.

Oh, my!  The judge, the Honorable James A. Geraghty, is a hoot. 
GA will break it down for you.

On May 10, 2010 a "well known political opponent" of Councilman Ravi Bhalla filed a complaint with the Local Finance Board.  The complaint was about Bhalla's, February 17, 2010 vote on a consent agenda item- extending the 2008 contract of another firm which co-leases office space with Bhalla.  Note, Bhalla only voted on the consent agenda after receiving then-Corporation Counsel Michael Kates' advice that there was no conflict.

Hit it, Judge!

Ravinder Bhalla  vs The Local Finance Board -pages 12, 13

"Nitwit"?  Only nitwits would vote "NO" on a consent agenda?

(Don't blame me.  Tell it to the judge!)

Things we know:  (1) Hoboken has four nitwits who have voted "NO" on at least one consent agenda,  (2) Ravi Bhalla is not a nitwit.


Ravinder Bhalla  vs The Local Finance Board -page 23

Who is the Judge talking about?

Ravinder Bhalla  vs The Local Finance Board -pages 54, 55

Mister B-E-L-L-A-F-O-U-R-I?

I don't know anyone by that name, but he sure sounds like a crackpot.

Ravinder Bhalla  vs The Local Finance Board -page 61

"Every town has crackpots." Ain't it the truth, Judge!

Some towns even have crackpots that show up at meetings to attack enemies of a particular member of the City Council- like shouting, "you're a SHAM!" or rhetorically tarring and feathering members of the public and unpaid, volunteer board members!

Some ranting and raving City Council crackpots even bear easels!  Others moonlight as screwballs.

Ravinder Bhalla  vs The Local Finance Board -pages 34, 35


Boy, that Judge is not only a man of the law, he is wise.

Because in a town where screwballs and crackpots hijack public meetings to rant, rave and file frivolous complaints against their political targets--complaints which their VICTIMS are forced to defend and which HURT their victims' children, these uncivil activities discourage  people of good will and talent from participating in their government and performing any kind of public service that invites the attention of said crackpots and village idiots.

Oh yeah, the complaint was dismissed.  

Congratulations, Ravi!  

Good Guys -1, Zeroes- 0.

 Bhalla celebrates victory with friends


  1. Glad this is finally over for Councilman Bhalla. The sick, sad irony is that the old guard somehow thinks they're in a position to question the ethics of others. After decades of creating no-show jobs in City Hall and the Hoboken school system, awarding contracts to friends, having less qualified names rise through the ranks in the HFD and HPD through nepotism and cronyism, extorting funds from those seeking apartments in federal housing projects or, as in Mr. Belfiore's case, two of his employers, contractors which managed the All Schools Construction Corp. for Paterson, had their records subpoenaed by the US Attorney: No, even at their worst, the reform council members can't hold a candle to the rapacious behavior of the old guard and their constant raid of the City's coffers on an average day.


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