"I'm sorry- NOT!"

Sing it, Elton.

Guess who else isn't sorry?

The Hoboken Reporter cover, September 28, 2014

GA's been preoccupied with other 'things'... as I dip my toe back into our local political scene, the waters are rank: revoked apologies, a missing Vine, a horse forced again to municipal court on a ludicrous charge of "harassment" for proper service of a subpoena.  Since when does a loaded Brinks truck thwart the judicial process?

Don't you know the Lady is blind? 

Anyway, GA's getting up to speed on the next race; 3 of the 9 seats on Hoboken's School Board are up for grabs on November 4.

The (3) tickets are:

Education for All Children:
Incumbent Peter Biancamano, Incumbent Frances Rhodes-Kearns

Parents for Progress:
Incumbent Monica Stromwell,  Sharyn Angley, Antonio Gray

Parents for Change:
Brian Murray,  Lynn Danzker, Patty 'Revoked-Apology' Waiters

As you may know, Britney Montgmery, Barbara Martinez and Jackie Dowd Prince have dropped out.  I don't know why- ask them!

So, you have left two tickets comprised (largely) of local politicos who are vocal Kids First opponents and one ticket of political neophytes: all-parents who, I am told, are "independent" and completely uninterested in political alignments.

Speaking of Kids First opposition, this week's Reporter includes a strikingly dishonest Letter to the Editor; a thinly-veiled political attack on the current School Board President, Ruth Tyroler.  The letter twists an alleged statement of FACT by Tyroler, regarding the relationship of poverty to standardized test scores.   

Here is what this letter says:
Do I believe that there is some merit to the idea that some (not all) children from low income families may (not always) have less academic support and rigor at home, and that by not having as much academic support at home this (may) influence overall academic success and test scores? Yes I believe that support for education in the home increases a child’s likelihood of success. Do I believe children from lower income families cannot learn, cannot succeed? NO! And focusing on this point of view does not help us create strategies to overcome real challenges.

What a load of patronizing crap.  

Tyroler NEVER said that kids from low income families "CAN'T" learn.   Jeez.  Tyroler has devoted hundreds of hours of her personal time to all the kids of our district, the most demographically diverse district in Hoboken, to put new textbooks and state-of-the-art resources in all district classrooms.   

The caption above the letter, "Poor Kids CAN Learn" is repudiation for a statement Tyroler never made.  It is a cheap, political attack on a single MOTHER who has sacrificed more than most of us to expand educational opportunities and progress in our public schools for everybody's children.
All kids can learn. All kids deserve our commitment.
No kidding. Ms. Tyroler's kid is in the Hoboken School District, with mine.  The commitment of Hoboken's Board of Education to ALL the kids of the district, poor and privileged, is manifest in the district classrooms. 

Oh, well.  Mean season is upon us.

On another note, is it me or is this kid Carlo Davis a breath of fresh air?


  1. Figures, the letter was written by Joe Branco's wife. Cheap shot at KF.

  2. That is a crap attack. Not sure why they bothered when kids first isn't running a ticket.

  3. yes, i'm liking carlo too! hope they let him report objectively. perhaps a higher-up at the HR who shall remain nameless has realized they had all their eggs in one basket, and the eggs are actually rotten.

  4. Murray was at today's festival, trying to entice Hoboken residents to move to the 'burbs - how's that for a vote of confidence? If they're so great, Murray - you move! The sooner the better. Waiters, who cannot utter her anti-Semitic tirades in proper English, thinks that she's a viable candidate for school board? And the very odd duck that is Biancomano is just another Mason sycophant.

  5. Joe Branco is Brian Murray's campaign manager. I wonder why Jennifer Branco didn't include that her husband was running that ticket's campaign in her letter to the editor? Maybe she just wanted to seem like a regular mom.

    1. Really? Well that's just plain dishonest.

  6. so dishonest and so purposefully mean and misleading. So let me bash you with some made up BS. But then hey, how "bout you stop fighting for funding for the pooer kids and we then can work together. Trust me, we really want to be partners. (wink wink).

    1. That's what it's about, isn't it. Brought to you by the genius who campaigned in the 2012 BoE race with a Nazi Truck.

  7. If you were married to Branco would you want to admit it?

  8. Leave it to Patty to claim she can't be anti-Semitic because she can't pronounce it.

    Sorry, dear, you're just part of the long parade of bigots down through history whose grasp of language was limited to what-all they don't like. It just means your ignorance is multi-dimensional. Can you pronounce that?

    Try this on for size. Suits you perfectly. Don't forget to tell Sigsby - which rhymes with Bigsby.

  9. What did Pat Waiters think when she stated she can't be anti-Semitic, because she can't even pronounce the word? Did she think that would help her candidacy for the school board? Pat-"I'm not anti-Semitic. I just hate Jews and I can't spell or read beyond a 5th grade level. That's why I'm a good role model to run for school board." Huh?

    1. Patty Waiters lives in her own fantasy land, don't bother trying to figure her out or make sense of her actions.


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