He was FOR it, before he was AGAINST it

"Chris Campos likes this!" 

Remember the famous John Kerry flip-flop:  "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it."

In fact, that was true.

In 2002, Kerry voted FOR the use of force in Iraq, then in 2003 voted AGAINST an $87 billion dollar supplemental (war) funding bill, then voted FOR an alternative $87 billion dollar bill funded from President Bush's tax cuts. Phew!  He really was for and against it at the same time, sort of. 

Politicians will often claim to be FOR and AGAINST the same thing, depending upon their audience or the season. 

GA was reminded of that in this week's Hoboken Reporter:
“I would ask anyone who I may have offended with my comments to forgive me for not making my points a little clearer,” she wrote.

In an interview this past week, Waiters denied being anti-Semitic, saying that she didn’t even know how to pronounce the word. However, she also took back the letter.

Waiters said that the letter had been drafted by Chris Campos, another Garcia aide and a former Hoboken councilman, and that she was “a little bit ashamed” by it.
Chris Campos!  He's the fellow who gave HHA Resident Advisory Board/Tenant Association representative Sigsby Cheatham a "thumbs up" for his Facebook comment noting the story Cheatham is writing about "the so-called chosen people, the Jews!"

Thumbs up for Sigsby!  Hooray!  

Curious that the Sigsby's "thumbs-up" guy, drafted Waiters' apology letter for her "so-called" anti-Semitic remarks at the HHA.

He was FOR it, before he was AGAINST it. 

See?  Politicians change their minds ALL the time.  Thumbs up, thumbs down.   GA is still puzzling over why Mom served us Alpo fritters and walked us three times a day. Won't somebody scratch my belly?


  1. It's a delicate dance. For a few years now the whisper has been "can't let the jews take over", so this recanting was probably a way to reenergize that support. At the same time Garcia proclaims Danzker "Jewish Woman of the Year". All bases covered for their BOE ticket right?

    1. I don't get Danzker's silence on this.

    2. really? What would she gain by publically standing up against it? Self respect vs Waiters voting block, you do the math.

    3. Ha...based on her track record in past elections, Patty Waiters voting block is about 26 people.

    4. in the Vote by mail's?

  2. Not that it ought to matter but by my count there is 1 (sometimes) Jewish person on the City Council (Mason) and none on the HHA board. But the definition of "Jew" in some Hoboken circles has been expanded to include anybody who doesn't hate our Jewish mayor. Waiters comments would have been noxious and anti-semitic even if the supposed "facts" had some relationship to reality but to the HR only "some people" thought it was anti-semitic and the facts were overridden by their own misleading hit piece that they cite to provide "context" for Waiters remarks. Sorry HR - the only context is the divisive hate spewed by Waiters and her sponsors.

  3. About a week after Waiter's (then Garcia employee) remarks and subsequent aplogy (written by another Garcia employee), Mr. Garcia awarded Lynn Danzker the honor of his first ever Jewish Woman of the Year (CYA?) .

    What does the Hoboken Jewish Woman of the Year think about her BOE running mate now taking back her bogus apology.

  4. It's so awesome to learn more about my family history. Thank you GA and Sigsby!

    Sigsby didn't write the letter of apology for anti-Semitism, former fourth ward councilman Chris Campos did. Waiters renouncing her apology as part of her new campaign, "Turn out my anti-Semitic (and anti Albert Einstein) vote!

    Beth Mason and Waiters running mate Lynn Danzker must be so proud! We here, proud members of the tribe want to give a big shout out to 2012 Nazi Truck sponsor Beth Mason and welcome Lynn Danzker to the sewer she immersed herself in with Carmelo Garcia, Brian Murray and of course a big shout out to Patricia Waiters for showing us she's willing to stand by her anti-Semitic and anti-white remarks.

    Waiter called Dave Mello a racist at the same HHA meeting.

    To all our Hoboken anti-Semitic friends and their political allies! Mazel, mazel, good things!

    1. Mazel indeed! I say let 'em talk, cuz the more they blather the more they torpedo their own chances (not that Waiters has any but still). It is a shame about Danzker, I hope she reads the HR article and this one and takes corrective action.

    2. Murray and danzker are the candidates likely with little chance to win. Dont underestimate waiters she has a far better chance to win than her ticketmates and probably already has cut a deal with Raia since its clear from the HR story that shes no longer with Garcia.

    3. Murray just in it for the money. Out banging the drum for his RE business. $$ He bought a booster to congrat his kid in the school play at the HS and it was an ad for his "to the burbs" Brian in it for Brian.

  5. Next, they'll make Cheatham their spokesperson.


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