Ruben's with Phil!

Ramos attends Freeholder Candidate Phil Cohen's Fundraiser

Great choice, Ruben Ramos!

I guess you think Phil can do better, too.  It was classy of you to show your support at Phil's event last night.  I mean it. 

Come to the light, Ruben!

Was it incumbent Anthony Romano's white flag of surrender on lowering taxes for Hoboken residents?

Was it Romano's rendition of "It's Impossible..."

Was it anchovies instead of pepperoni on the pizza he ordered with pal Beth Mason?

Or was it the shiv going into your back when he didn't endorse your Mayoral run in 2013? (Oh, I kid...)

No matter. Welcome aboard.

Well folks, GA would like to remind you that POLLS OPEN AT 6AM NEXT TUESDAY, JUNE 3.



  1. No, it was Reuben looking for Phil and reforms vote for Mayor.

  2. Swibinski and Goldberg also like this "joint" affinity.

  3. Let us see. First, Perry Belfiore, who originally entered the race as a stalking horse for Ruben against Romano, withdraws and backs the Stick. Now, Ruben jumps the moat and supports Cohen. Guess what, neither one of the endorsers is going anywhere in politics and represent all that is low and immoral in Hoboken politics. A bunch of phonies and gimmies.

  4. Like Mason supporting Zimmer. Ruben is backing the front runner.

  5. i don't mind if ruben's support gets phil elected, but no one should expect ruben to now become an overall reformer. this is a temporary move of convenience, ruben can read the tea leaves (and also doesn't mind sticking it to stick).

    1. Don't be so sure. Fulup aka fullof


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