Romano Delivers Tax Increases

Fresh hot County TAX  INCREASES
Well folks, did you know there's an election one week from today, next Tuesday, June 3?

You didn't?

SHAME ON YOU.    GA's pretty pissed off at the screwing Hoboken taxpayers have gotten under Freeholder Anthony 'Stick' Romano- 15% County tax increases!   While other municipalities taxes stay flat or even decrease.   Stick is a nice fella, for sure.  But, here is what he told the Hoboken Reporter's Dean DeChiaro two weeks ago:

"...lowering the taxes is next to impossible."

What a great song. The Como version, not the Romano:

It's impossible, to lower taxes in the Mile Square, it's just impossible 
It's impossible, not to strip your wallet bare, it's just impossible 
Can I hold your cash close to me and not feel the kaching-a-ling? 
To keep my county pals in bling-a-bling? Oh, how impossible

Thank goodness, Freeholder Candidate Phil Cohen is singing a different tune.

Phil does NOT think that lowering Hoboken's share of county taxes is impossible.  I know he will TRY.

Hoboken taxpayers need an ADVOCATE at the County, not Perry Como. Or Anthony Romano, the guy that says it's "impossible" to DO BETTER.

GA does like Romano.  But if he liked ME he would lower my taxes.  If he liked YOU, he would lower your taxes.

Sorry folks, it's time to break up the social club at the County and elect an ADVOCATE for lower taxes in Hoboken.

That is Phil Cohen.

Phil is ambitious, but he's no schmuck.  He works well with everyone of every political stripe- he is very smart and dedicated to improved quality of life in Hoboken.    GA can give Phil a personal endorsement, having worked with him for 4 years as a Zoning Commissioner; his work ethic is impeccable. Even if he didn't drive me home from meetings.

Folks, it is time to rattle the County cage.  That's what Phil will do, beginning with an AUDIT of each county department (pass the popcorn).

GA doesn't want to hear my advocate at the County tell me it's "impossible" to lower my taxes- even if he sings like Perry Como. (I like the Como version better than Englebert Humperdinck's.)

Hoboken NEEDS an advocate at the County.

Next Tuesday, VOTE for PHIL COHEN, 4A.

If you don't believe GA, take the word of good government advocate James A. Castiglione:

Many Hobokenites wonder if the city is getting an appropriate level of service and support from the county under our current Freeholder, Anthony Romano...

To ensure that the county is efficiently using our tax dollars to meet the needs of Hoboken and Jersey City, Phil has proposed conducting a top-to-bottom independent audit of the operations of all county departments to root out waste and corruption. In this way, Hoboken and Jersey City will be ensured of a higher level of service for the significant taxes that we pay to the county.

It’s time to end “business as usual” at the county. Elect Phil Cohen for freeholder, to bring good governance to the county and to help Hoboken and Jersey City get the county services that our cities need and deserve.
See?  It's not impossible.   Right, Phil?


  1. The county sure can be streamlined. Also, the freeholder should not get a car. No reason for it. Stopping this practice is one way to cut costs. Also, when the county does special recycling days, how come it's never in Hoboken?

  2. What's Stick done for us other than let Hoboken taxes skyrocket?

  3. I can picture the campaign poster now:

    Four More Years of Throwing His Hands Up and Surrendering!
    Vote Anthony Romano for Freeholder
    The "there's nothing we can do" candidate!

  4. Romano campaign slogan: "I GIVE UP!"


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