Lights Out at the HHA

"HUD said that they are made to withstand the elements and will be installed in spring."

Well, that's a relief!

Because when the lights went out at the HHA last night, trapping at least one person in an elevator, it's comforting to know the generators sitting in a parking lot since last summer are "made to withstand the elements."

If you were in a building with a bum generator, wouldn't you be pleased to know the new one sitting in the parking lot across the street in plastic wrap was doing okay?

I guess the transformer that blew and thrust the HHA into darkness last night had trouble with the elements.

You know how those elements act up sometimes.
The risk that the current cold weather poses to residents is not worth taking right now, said Garcia, who added that for the time being, there is no rush to install the new generators. HUD also said that the weather will have to subside before they are installed.

The new generators were designed for outside use and specifically built to withstand Sandy-type forces of nature, HUD said, so they are confident that they will remain undamaged until spring. Garcia said that if not, they’re covered by a full warranty.
I'm wondering if the folks sitting in the dark, or stuck in an elevator, or with no refrigeration, or without a working fire suppression system, feel the same lack of urgency as Assemblyman/HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia, who is in "no rush" to provide emergency power for HHA residents.

What do you think?

Wanna know what I think?  I think the more living conditions degrade at the HHA ( like not installing generators to keep the lights on in emergencies) the easier to foment popular support for Vision 20/20- a 10-year phased redevelopment plan.

And those cries from unhappy residents stuck in the dark are sure to be followed by Mason crocodile tears.
“The Hoboken Housing Authority is home to a diverse group of Hoboken residents including low income families, veterans, senior citizens and disabled residents,” Councilwoman Mason said. “I personally witnessed many of the residents left stranded in their apartments with no electricity and no heat for over a week after Hurricane Sandy.”
Mason hasn't said a peep about the 14 new generators sitting in the HHA parking lot since Summer 2013, ordered with federal money after Sandy, "built to withstand Sandy-type forces of nature."  

And the residents will be stranded in the next emergency without power.  She's not an advocate, she's a phony who uses the HHA for self-serving photo-ops. 

Mason's silence is aiding the degradation of living conditions at the HHA.

Pizzas and turkeys won't keep the lights on or the elevators running.  But they sure make a nice Facebook post.


  1. Garcia has to answer for this.

    1. This is probably number 263 on the list of things that Garcia needs to answer for. We haven't seen an answer for any others on the list, I don't expect one for this any time soon.

  2. No, he's too busy pissing on lover's door to be concerned about the Residents of the HHA. You have to have your priorities.

  3. Still curious why the hh board has no culpability or answers in the 2 months on this. Instead of only asking about garcia what about the 9 people in charge of him some of which we elected to addres things like this. Why have you no asked them for answers? In two months you would think they would get the generators working too and now we have 4 people. What are they doing over there?

  4. Sorry not elected, appionted by the mayor or council. Cant Dave Mello come here and tell us what he has done to get the generators working? in 2 months there is time to ask and time for him to answer.

    1. It's Garcia's job to get the generators installed, and the HHA Board's job to see that Garcia does his job.

      Let's see what happens after the re-org.

  5. what happened with the arrest of staff for keeping senior rent money orders?


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