GA's dill
Yesterday GA noticed a mob of yellow, black and white creepy-crawlers swarming my dill plant.   


But in fact, the invaders are there for a few meals before they turn into... Papilio polyxenes asterius(es) ... a.k.a. Black Swallowtail butterflies!

Call it a benign invasion. GA loves butterflies.

Speaking of benign invasions, here's what a source has told GA about that special meeting at City Hall last night: "the meeting was subdued."

According to the source, that was not the intent behind the organized transportation of HHA residents to City Hall.

GA was told:
They had a van taking people to the meeting... about 50 people showed up.  I don't know how much or if anyone got paid (they usually give $40 for a meeting) but I heard people were promised ‘favors’ to show up. The   residents were instructed to disrupt the meeting and divert attention so the resolution would not be heard. There were there to disrupt but it didn't happen.   Maybe because Wefer had 6 officers there. They were quiet. No one they brought had anything to say except for the Carmelo-supporters who always speak. The only one who spoke in support of the resolution was Jessica Coco.  She talked a lot about the generators. She said that everyone at the HHA talks about how the generators were bought for vision 20/20 and that's why they don’t fit the buildings. That statement  upset (Commissioner) Jeannie Rodriguez who tried to interrupt Coco. Wefer or Mello told Jeannie that Coco had the right to talk, then the jeering started. Barbara Reyes spoke after Jessica. She seemed to be rattled by Cocos remarks and didn’t read her prepared speech. Instead she addressed some of Coco’s allegations.  Carmelo was the last speaker.  He said the whole meeting shouldn’t have been called, claimed he was being harassed, would hold every Commissioner individually liable. I saw Carmelo pointed out Jessica to Daglian, saying something.  After Carmelo’s speech it was loud, too loud to hear the vote. Jeannie Rodriguez and Rob Davis voted against, everyone else voted for.

So the revolution didn't go off as planned; nor was it televised.  

Thank goodness, for the  intrepid Hoboken Horse, who was there and captured it all on film.

Jessica Coco  credit: Mile Square View
This is what happens with engineered revolutions.  They're supposed to be organic things.

And so, the 'ruckus' never rucked, folks comported themselves well.  When it was over, the resolution passed, the revolution failed. 


  1. When I moved out of Hoboken I took a few plants with me. 2 Parsley's had the same critters!!!

  2. I'm so impressed with Jessica Coco, she really deserves a ton of credit for continuing to take a very public stand in the face of intimidation and outright threats. I hope more residents at HHA will follow her lead

  3. The resolution was NEVER going to fail. Carmelo really does love a circus.


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