Hair Loss

Oh no, follicle-fans... say it ain't so!

The best-coiffed politico in Hoboken tells MSV he is no longer in the running for Freeholder!

I for one, am extremely disappointed. He was so fluffy.

Here's what sources tell GAPerry Belfiore (a.k.a. 'The Hair') was only a "placeholder" until Ruben Ramos made up his mind to get in... the idea was to 'scare' Romano out of the race, and once Romano was out, Belfiore would drop out, too and Ruben would come in.   But... it didn't work out that way.   Romano stayed in the race, and Belfiore saw he was only relevant if he got out and could broker something for himself.

So GA hears.

Had things gone differently, and Ruben had come in, GA hears Ramos would have gotten Fulop's endorsement- not Cohen. Fulop is all about consolidating power to run for governor, thinks he'd gain 'more' from Ruben, who's close to Stack, Albiez and has connections in Patterson.

Hmmm! Well, GA thinks Phil Cohen is the MAN. Go, Phil! 

Backing Romano are Mason, Russo and Raia.

Not backing Romano is Ruben, who still blames Romano for not supporting his mayoral run, and considers him a Zimmer-guy.  

Oh, brother. In the words of Harry S. Truman (sort of): You want a friend at Hoboken City Hall? Get a dog. 

I for one, am sad about the Hair Loss.

Hair Loss is always tragic.  Especially when premature.   Hair Loss closer to Election Day would have left a bald spot on the ballot--preferable, in GA's opinion.

Not as fluffy as the competition, but ready to cut Hoboken's share of County taxes.


  1. For all the hubbub about Fulop, in the end he's not much different than every other pol. Younger, more dynamic, perhaps more progressive, but essentially cut from the same cloth. A little disappointing but that's life.

  2. Fulop has a legitimate shot at being elected governor. That will inevitably lead to some deal-making and coalition building that doesn't smell that great at ground level.

    Compare and contrast with Beth Mason who does not have a legitimate shot at being elected in a small ward unless she buys votes. She's spending untold $1000s just for a chance to steal some White House napkins.

    Then again, no one compares to Mason.

    1. True. Endorsing Smith in the Bayonne race was, as Vine put it, a Fulop "Flip Flop."

  3. For all the things that can be said about ex-Mayor Healy. One thing that can said positively about him is he was against the gas pipeline that endangers all the residents of Hudson County for the profits of the energy companies. He could have taken money from the Oil & Gas companies under the table, but Jersey City came 1st. That's more than I can say for Mayor Smith of Bayonne, who by the way is against rent control, too. The politicians in Japan did the same with Fukishima; thinking they'd never see the reactor blow in their lifetimes. Perhaps this is the problem that we as residents need to wake and change. We have too many politicians using Hudson County to either further their political goals or sell the residents out to big developers, big oil, or whoever is else has a checkbook rather caring for the needs of its residents.


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