Everybody on the Bus

In hot water?
Well folks, tonight a special meeting of the Hoboken Housing Authority will convene at City Hall to vote on the appointment of a Special Counsel.  Why?

According to MSV, the Special Council will investigate alleged vendor contributions to Executive Director Carmelo Garcia and procurement outside of federal guidelines in the millions of dollars.   

About those contributions, according to the Hoboken Reporter:
Wow!  There's more...
Wefer also raised questions about the legitimacy of the contracts themselves. The $2.3 million paid to the contributing firms is part of a larger pot of authority money, totaling nearly $3.5 million, which has been awarded to firms without going through the regular procurement policies. Authority contracts normally go out to bid in a public process, and the executive director and his staff must choose either the lowest or the best bid. But none of the contracts that make up the $3.5 million, paid to plumbing, cabinetry, electrical, heating, and kitchen appliance firms, went through that process.
Holy cow! 

Here are those March contributions from those three HHA vendors- reported on Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia's 2015 Garcia for Assembly campaign.

Garcia for Assembly 2015 campaign donors with HHA contracts 

What's that smell?

GA is curious who filed for permits for the HHA to install generators and electrical panels below the flood plane?   I have no idea.

Were the contractors hired to install electric panels in basements that flood and generators below the flood plane procured through a competitive bid process? 

Were they told where to locate the equipment?

HHA spent $385K for vinyl flooring replacement in 10 elevator cabs , $106,100 for ONE roof replacement  (655 6th Street), $656,100 to renovate 3 rooms...

In the meantime, MSV reports a bi-lingual flyer was distributed at the HHA, urging residents to attend tonight's meeting (buses will be provided!) with the frightening claim "Our Homes are at Stake!" 

Not exactly.

Anyway, GA heard the HHA rented this bus again:

 Cancelled Field trip?

Oh, boy.  


  1. shitshow courtesy of Carmelo Garcia.

  2. what went down?

  3. Jessica Coco-
    There is little doubt in my opinion that Mr. Garcia brought a van-filled with specially selected supporters to intimidate the board and the public just like his veiled threats of holding individual commissioners liable. I am so glad the meeting was held at city hall. At least I felt safe enough to go. I am also glad there were 6 officers present. I want to thank the Board of Commissioners for doing the right thing. Any coward can back down and/or take money, but It takes courage to do the right thing. If money was potentially misappropriated from the HHA, then it needs to be investigated. Anything less condones the theft of public money: Money taken away from Residents. Residents who represent the most vulnerable group in Hoboken; the disabled, the elderly, and the oppressed poor. To steal from those who have the least is a true crime. As a Resident of the HHA and nearly life-long Citizen of Hoboken, I like everyone else of the HHA and of Hoboken have the right to know what expenditures were made and if they were or were not legitimate. At any cost, this resolution was necessary to discover the truth. If there was no impropriety at the HHA, then Mr. Garcia has nothing to fear, although his actions tonight seem to indicate to me the complete opposite.

    1. Ms. Coco : The problem is you wouldn't know what a caring, decent man is Mr. Garcia is a man we the residents trust and believe in he understands our needs not like you he knows what it is to live in Hob oken Housing growing up there and then trying to make a difference always willing to give a helping hand and now as our director where he should be able to help you as well as myself and the residents to have the best quality of life you and the mayor's flunkies don't care remember whatever happens to us happens to you too ending my letter with something to think about WE WILL, WE CAN, WATCH US
      MS . A Braxton

    2. Anonymous :you must be another one of her Flunkies or just not to smart to see what they're trying to do to us the residents really need to start smelling the coffee Mr Garcia is here to stay unless you're a priest or a nun he is more honest than you could ever be .oh and I'm a real woman not afraid to use my name
      Ms.A Braxton

    3. Ms. Braxton: The bottom line is people are judged by their actions. If Mr. Garcia hasn't done anything wrong, then he doesn't have anything to worry about. However, if the investigation into HHA expenses finds that he violated the rules, then there is no option but for him to be removed from his position.

      Also, most people in town feel Mr. Garcia is unable to truly work for HHA as the residents deserve now that he has an additional job which requires that he frequently be in Trenton. If the best interest of HHA residents is truly the main issue, then HHA deserves to have someone in his position full time, not part time.

      Finally, I know many people in HHA who, contrary to what you say, do not trust Mr. Garcia or feel he has their best interests at heart.

    4. What's it like to live in constant fear (made up by design and brought to you by Garcia and all those who steal from your housing authority)?

      You think if Garcia goes your housing will be at risk?
      How many years and times have you been told your housing will be at risk?
      My guess is: as long as you can remember.

      They will,they can and they have gotten over on you and all of the residents in the HHA. Watch them continue (with your support of course).

      300k for linoleum in 10 elevators?
      300k in illegal contracts to his campaign donors?

      20/20 gets rid of 80% of the HHA resident housing. READ IT- clear as day:
      "will provide 20% affordable housing".

      He can he will, watch him! Just like he did for applied.


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