Dark Side Stunt to Split Reform

Don't be fooled.

The latest Dark Side shenanigans have nothing to do with education nor what's 'best' for our community.   They've coordinated a Beth Mason HCTV video, a Carmelo Garcia press junket and a City Council stunt for a power grab to weaken Reform by driving a wedge between City Hall and the BoE.

Here's the missile Russo and Castellano are firing at Reform on Wednesday night:  (Resolutions-page 213): 

This Dark Side stunt is a hatchet job on BoE President Leon Gold.  A combo of fear-mongering and libel, it falsely attributes inflammatory words and language to Mr. Gold which he never said  then coats it with this:
"...these accusations undermine the efforts by millions of people who worked together during the Civil Rights Era to end other discriminatory laws and public policies."

When will this Civil Rights champion integrate Church Towers?

I hope you didn't sprain anything laughing at that one.

Ask Mikey Russo when the last time the gatekeepers at Church Towers admitted a black or Latino family.  Ask Mikey Russo how he got a 3-bedroom apartment at Church Towers when Latino families were being tossed out of Applied Housing and the luckiest ones ended up at the HHA?

Four score and seven minutes ago... a giant bag of HOT GAS  rose up from Church Towers...  

Ironically, this libelous attack on the Jewish leader of the BoE occurs against a backdrop of racially charged allegations against the Jewish mayor:  The Hoboken Reporter just wrote of the Zimmer admin's alleged 'anti-Latino, pro-white' bigotry,  an aide of Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia  carpet bombed the HHA meeting with virulently anti-Semitic remarks.  

What gives?

Crickets from the Russo-Castellano-Mason Troika who see no political upside in principles.

These three idiots use their elected positions to conduct political theater on the public dime.  Premised on untrue allegations of "attempts to condemn an entire group of people in Hoboken" these dolts claim "[Leon Gold] was elected to represent every resident of the City of Hoboken."


He and all Hoboken School Board members are elected to represent the Hoboken District public schools and it's students.   And our School Board headed by Mr. Gold, has been doing a GREAT job for our kids, including mine.

And just when you thought it was safe to watch HCTV....

Another attack against the BoE was launched this week by Councilwoman Beth Mason, who may need to have  Fernando Uribe's head surgically removed from her sphincter.

This one is hard to watch.

Mason calls the 7th and 8th  grade HoLa expansion an "upgrade" and an "extension," grins weirdly when Uribe brings up the 54 layoffs, singles out Leon Gold, and accuses the Board of  "trying to  segregate our community."

But the real point of the interview?  Mason throws down the gauntlet: "[Zimmer] should stand up and speak for herself  that she does support the extension."

Aaaaaaah.  She's baiting the mayor to drive a wedge between City Hall and the BoE.

Well, anyone tempted to cozy up to these snakes, let me remind you of a little recent history.
Mason, Russo, Castellano and Occhipinti:
  • tried to KILL the sale of the HUMC to HoldCo 
  •  ...which would have doubled (or tripled) municipal taxes to pay off the $52M bond default 
  • ...lost 1,200 hospital jobs at Christmas 
  • ...destroyed our City's Bond rating making bonding to fund City operations extremely expensive 
  • ...likely resulting in massive layoffs of municipal workers 
  • voted NO on a cost-free garage bond refinance forcing a preventable $4,500,000 payment of taxpayer money from our surplus 
  •  tried to ZERO-out our budget surplus in 2011, which we need for emergencies like Sandy 
  • voted NO to bond to repair Sandy damage to Pier C Park, keeping the park closed for months 
  • voted NO to bond for a traffic light at a dangerous Hoboken corner near 1600 Park 
  • voted NO to replace HOP buses destroyed in Hurricane Sandy 
  • SUED the City to keep Jim Doyle off the City Council in the aftermath of the hurricane, after Mason and Russo rigged an absence and an abstention from the City Council on the vote to fill the Marsh vacancy And the list goes on.
Do not be fooled.


  1. Right on, GA! Thanks goodness you are here to call out this dark side charade.

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  3. Quite simply, the job of the council is to run the municipal part of the city. There will be school board elections in November. They can campaign for whomever they want in that election.

    Mason can run for school board if she wants to have a voice in that body.

    The council needs to focus on Hoboken's real problems and stop lurching from faux-crises to faux-crisis.


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