Political Hack-Attack

Not a hacker, just hairy

This is very interesting, folks.

I am not sure when my computer was breeched, but whomever's broken in picked an interesting time to mess with it. 

 GA was in a Word document yesterday afternoon when the mouse started moving on it's own, the page view zoomed in and out, pages were turned quickly, text was 'selected', text was highlighted in yellow... when I would type, my cursor would move to another part of the document.   I'd pause, then as soon as I started writing, the hacker would start 'messing' with my document. The hacker made it impossible for me to continue writing.   I stopped what I was working on.  What was it?

A legal motion for the SLAPP litigation. I cannot discuss ongoing litigation.  I can discuss ongoing hacking. 

Hacking is a federal crime.   I will prosecute anyone in possession of materials obtained illegally.


  1. its called sabotage.

  2. The shame is that even though it's illegal, and wrong on so many different levels, the local courts don't seem to think it's serious enough to warrant any jail time.

  3. Those who wish to stop the truth from being reported here, and on MSV have low friends in high (and low) places and / or the wherewithal to hire them.

  4. It cant be going well for them if they have to hack ypur computer.

  5. Why is this being allowed to happen? Hacking into computers is a crime. First the mayor's emails were being intercepted, then Ms. Coco's, and now GA. Who knows how many others? Intimidation? Harassment? Intelligence gathering? Making the victim feel vulnerable and violated? Doesn't matter it's a crime. I hope the Feds put a stop to it.

    1. It looks like the same dirty bunch is behind this lawsuit.

  6. if text was selected and highlighted, that could mean it was being copied remotely. best defense is to unplug from the internet/turn off the wifi and then do your writing. could even then save the document on to a thumb drive and email it from a different computer.

    the good thing is every digital action leaves footprints. at a later date, you might want to have a computer sleuth take a look at your machine, will probably be able to trace the trail back to the culprits, then you can have them arrested. or just ask "a guy" to go and bust their kneecaps.


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