Phony Washington Baloney

Dry up those crocodile tears, Councilwoman.

Admit it: you don't give rat's tuchas about the residents of the HHA.

Vision 20/20, a 10-year phased redevelopment proposal will NOT keep  the lights on, the refrigerators running, the fire suppression systems operational, and medical equipment running at the HHA in the next flood or fire emergency.  

The 14 generators sitting in a parking lot on Fourth and Harrison Streets since the Summer of 2013,  ordered with federal grant money to replace flood-damaged generators voted Most-Likely-to-Fail in the next emergency-- those generators will keep the lights on.

Did you ask any of your Vision 20/20 pals why they haven't been installed?  Or did you 'arrange' this whitewash in The Hoboken Reporter:

Whatever.  Cold pizzas and vanity tours of D.C. won't help HHA residents through their next crisis.

It is pretty disgusting how politicians like Beth Mason exploit the poor to pitch a redevelopment project for her political buddies, while the remedy for the next disaster sits mouldering in a parking lot.
Mason is against the scope of the Monarch, but supports Vision 20/20.“These projects are at opposite sides of the spectrum, and it looks like the Monarch, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because it’s a set of buildings being built on a pier that could easily flood, will happen,” she said. 

“Why put these buildings in the middle of the river and yet leave the Hoboken Housing Authority, which we have an opportunity to improve, completely vulnerable?”

Mason said that she believes that protecting the city’s least fortunate residents must be a priority.
Hey 2nd Ward, your Councilperson said: "it looks like the Monarch... will happen."


It "will happen" because she voted against funding the City's legal fight?  Or because she rolled over, on her constituents in the 2nd Ward?

Mason said that she felt being able to discuss Hoboken on a national stage helped her formulate new ideas for what the city, and nation, could achieve.

Ah, whatever.  Forget about power and heat.  The pizza's here.

Pizza Pals: Councilwoman Beth Mason and incumbent Freeholder candidate, Anthony Romano.


  1. Ms. Mason cares so much for the HHA. I am so glad she decided to go to Washington DC to demand those generators be installed immediately so that in case of an emergency residents will not be without power for over two weeks; especially those who rely on oxygen. Oh, I'm sorry, that's not why she went. She went to push her agenda, Vision 20/20. How is that showing she cares for anyone other than developers with strong-vested interests in Vision Eviction/Eviction?

  2. Show some hypocrisy at least!

  3. She's such an ahole.

  4. Any US citizen can request an appointment with their senators and congressmen. This is not an achievement, especially as she seeks to promote the corrupt stew that is the dystopic vision for Hoboken's Housing Authority. When the aids to those elected officials perform their due-diligence and research who she is and what she's about (and the internet is full of Beth-capades), their strategy will be how to engage with her enough to receive her money, without actually committing to anything.

    Shunned in her own community, Mason continues to seek relevance anywhere and using her husband's money as a lubricant, she tries to gain traction for a non-existent political career.

    1. I am a 2nd ward resident who received a
      Beth Mason lettter...does she know that she "represents" the second ward?
      She writes "some members of the current administration are critical of my support for the HHA, because there are no HHA buildings in the second ward". Hello, Fox Hill apts. 311 13th Street are in the second ward.
      She must be dizzy from all her traveling around not knowing the facts about so many issues.

  5. "Mason said that she believes that protecting the city’s least fortunate residents must be a priority."

    WOW what a hypocrite. Isn't she one of the many Council members that fought to take school money form the least fortunate children to give to the most wealthy ones in HOLA????


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