"No One's Seen Her"

That's what GA heard from a source earlier today.

A certain someone has not made an appearance for "about 2 weeks" at places and functions one would have expected to find her.  A bout of bronchitis?   A nasty cold?  Or...

GA heard, again, that  Mr. someone is very unhappy about looming ELEC fines and the outpouring of money with "nothing to show for it."  Then why the incredibly expensive county-wide telephone stunt?

GA was told that such an operation would have been planned, booked and paid for in advance- perhaps before they anticipated ELEC wasn't going to play nice.  Who knows. No doubt whatever the outcome, it will be 'managed' with at least one manufactured distraction.   Moving on...

I've had a hard time making my mind up about who I'm supporting for Freeholder. 

I like Stick, but Hoboken pays a disproportionate amount of County taxes, and he's presided over what, 3 or 4 tax increases?  And Carmelo Garcia was on his payroll- is he still? 

Then there's Phil Cohen, who says "My goal is to bring fiscal reform to county government. We need to know why each of the last four years the county increased its tax levy from 3% to 5%, resulting in an even bigger hit to Hoboken taxpayers. Why does it have to be this way? Why is the county not transparent in the way it handles its budget process, as our city is?"

 Why?  Why?  Why?  Those are great questions Phil.   Aside from asking great questions, what will you do?

"I will ask hard questions, and share the answers with you, the taxpayers of the district, so that we can work together to build a more efficient county government.  We will challenge the county to better use its resources to serve our district."

Thanks, Phil.  Oh... you're still talking? 

"Why can't the county deliver better parks, better roads, and improved educational and career opportunities?"   

I totally agree. Where's our swimming pool?   

Cheap!  Failed county proposal to turn a sinkhole into a swimming pool.
This proposal by the County was totally unacceptable.   Converting a broken County road into a swimming hole?

Nope, I know Phil would never have proposed such a thing.

Anyway, the County fixed the road- then jacked up our taxes!

I'm sick of these tax increases, aren't you?

I am sure Phil will make a great Freeholder.

In fact, I am sure he's the best choice for Freeholder, except... (and here is why I've had so  much trouble choosing) there is one candidate who beats Phil, follicle-y speaking.  Not that Phil isn't well-coiffed-- he is.   Phil's got a nice head of brown hair, but sadly, its not nearly as nice as another Freeholder candidate's.

You  know... the guy with the luxurious silver mane that looks like a napping opposom... so soft, so fluffy.

 GA thinks there's a bi-partisan solution. Why can't we elect them BOTH?


  1. Maybe someone's out of control behavior got her sent to rehab.
    We can only hope.
    It's what celebrities do when under the microscope for misdeeds.

    1. I believe it's referred to as "exhaustion".

  2. One way to cut expenses at the county level is to GET RID OF THE "FREE CAR". There is absolutely no reason that freeholders should get a free car for a part time gig. If you get elected to this office you should be smart enough to figure out how to get to the county meetings. Train, bus or your own car. That would save a lot. Also they don't need aides. It just an excuse to give your friends money.

  3. Agreed. How about car pooling? Aides are a waste of taxpayer money.

  4. Give up the county car? Then where will Stick do all his texting and chatting on his cell phone?


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