Mark the Days on your Calendar

...until HHA Executive Director/33rd District Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia installs those 14 generators "trespassing" in the HHA parking lot!

Yes, those generators ARE trespassing.  They don't BELONG in a parking lot, they were ordered to replace old ones damaged in Hurricane Sandy- purchased with federal grant money.

Well folks, GA has provided you with a calendar to mark off the days until those generators get unwrapped and installed.  Shall we count the days together?


  1. Many residents of the HHA really suffered needlessly after Hurricane Sandy, because Mr. Garcia took money from FEMA to purchase generators and then never did. Rather than take responsibility, he cleverly exploited the situation in order to blame the mayor; causing a major rift between the residents, which would further his plans to place Ruben Ramos in the position of mayor, because Ramos was for Vision $/$ and the destruction of the HHA unlike the mayor who could obviously not be bribed, as we have learned from the Rockefeller scandal. Mr. Garcia doesn't live in the HHA, but he once did and you'd think he would have cared just a little bit about the immense suffering in some cases of the residents instead of his own wallet and how to use the Hurricane for his own nefarious purposes. Although he has been forced to buy the generators, they are just sitting in the parking lot; leaving tenants vulnerable to the next storm-again so he can further his own agenda as the expense of the residents. Why is such a person still the head of the HHA? Hasn't his actions and immense insensitivity to the residents of the HHA merit his removal by now?


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