Hippity Hop

Well folks, you've noticed GA's been a little 'irregular' these days.  Nope, it's nothing Grandma's  stewed prunes can cure.   I'll drop a clue.

You see,  Easter is coming, and GA's been wrestling with a bunny.

No, no, not the Easter Bunny.  The E.B.O.F.L. a.k.a. the Energizer Bunny of Frivolous Litigation

Yep, the EBOFL keeps going... and going... and going...

I can't tell you much more than that.  Except soon this bunny may need another charge from BIG RED...  before he runs out of juice.

Time to charge Bunny.
Speaking of charges from BIG RED did you check out MSV today?


This caught my eye, both of them in fact:

MSV is investigating allegations Beth Mason has been using prepaid credit cards to disguise election campaign payments to political operatives including Hoboken411. Confirmation would explain how at least some payments were made to Hoboken411 but not Hoboken Patch.  

Holy ELEC evasion!

And depending upon how many $500 (maximum) pre-paid cards allegedly go to a single individual, we could also be talking 'Holy alleged Tax Evasion!"

It could happen. 

Let's say you hired a fish.   Not a bright one, one with below average intelligence, receding hairline, and glasses. The kind that lurks at the bottom of the tank, scavenging for the fish scales and feces of more talented, respected fish.  Now, let's say you wanted to overpay your fish a salary- oh, maybe $150K per year without the hassle of Social Security taxes, health benefits and Uncle Sam's eyes on your fish food.  Who needs that?

Not  me.

What you might do is slip your fish a few of those $500 pre-paid credit cards-- between 5 and 6 a week and before you know it, you've got that $150K covered!

Which of course, would also please the fish, who could tuck those away in any number of bank accounts or investments and voila!   Some day that bottom-feeder might even have the dough to buy his own watering hole!

Fill 'er up