Everybody Off the GravyTrain!

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Someone is not happy at all and talking about it.  GA's heard this again from a new source, with a few more specifics.

Looming large ELEC fines have put someone in a foul mood, and I am told he's put an expiration date on the Mason gravy train.  Specifically, the caboose.   That's where his wife's political operatives ride. Familiar names and faces.  One's a top-earning sardine who gets confidential City email from Terry Castellano, orchestrates losing Nazi Truck campaigns and canoodles with SLAPPers.

Well, someone has been heard saying, "They serve no purpose once she's out of office."

Someone is presumably talking about 2015.

GA's source said, "The whole crew including (redacted) will be out of a job."

Really?  Even redacted?

Who'd a thunk it.  She's been carrying him around for years like an old Hermes bag.

The 'word' is that Hermes has been scurrying around and "made promises to people he can't deliver" so... once he's tossed off the gravy train he may not have a place to land.  Which explains the sudden flurry of PR blowing out of the Mason camp. That puff piece about that picnic at the White House.  A certain redacted is desperately trying to demonstrate his worth and justify his salary, to keep ridin' that train.

GA hears it's too late.

A local political operation is useless when she's out of local politics. That crew can't help her at the state level- or D.C.   And someone is mighty pissed off at the bills.

So there you have it folks.  Someone is spreading the word, once the Mrs. is out of office the 'crew' is off the caboose.

Choooo chooooooooooo!


  1. Will she fire Ma and Pappy SLAPPy? The whole SLAPPy family?

  2. she's throwing Finn boy under the bus? perfect.

  3. Mason does not now and never has known how to make money. This decision is coming from the person in the family who does.

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    1. Thank you for checking in from Ho Chi Minh City!


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