Earwitness News: Mason Cash Spigot to Dry Up?

Folks, hold on to your hats.  If you're not wearing a hat, put one on then hold it.

This could be BIG.   If this Earwitness dispatch comes to pass, the ripple will be felt throughout the Hudson County political world and beyond...  all the way to the influence of a certain Benedict Flounder.

GA ear-witnessed this from a reliable source, and these are my notes:

Ricky is really, really upset by the fines that they’re facing and the flow of money out of the Mason camp.   He's been telling people they’re spending way too much... Yeah they can afford it but he's noticed a lot of money leaking out and he's got nothing to show for it... he's upset about being tapped by a bunch of operatives...  It's a well known secret who's funding the SLAPP suit and all the money that's costing…  Really upset about how much money is being spent, money is pouring out of them, and apparently he’s going to do something about it

 Well, it looks like somebody FINALLY woke up. 


  1. Here's my guess at how it went down. Mr. Mason had little to do with any of this. He, like everyone else was upset with prior administrations and he thought his wife may be able to help things along. If she was able to parlay it into a bigger political role for both, more power to her. He had nothing to do with the ELEC reports, and is probably busy with client dinners and late nights at the office at least 4 days a week, even as a senior partner.

    People come up and question him, how could he not trust his wife and her political aspirations, never mind that your role at home is being played by a gorilla. And the blogs, he doesn't have time to read them, but he knows they are up to no good, because they are attacking him.

    Well, one day he shows up at work, and the firm's ethics committee is asking him wtf. Probably some associates at Wachtell living in Hoboken pick up the news and start raising flags. And he asks his wife wtf. And in a moment it becomes clear that he is chasing a dead lead.

    1. Wickedly G. ScumbagApril 11, 2014 at 10:46 PM

      Let's clear this up. Richard G. Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz had everything to do with the SLAPP suit and was the named treasurer on Beth Mason's campaign.

      He signed off on the expenditures, signed off on the strategies and it will all be coming out in the wash.

      Ricky Mason has been known to read "the blogs" meaning the websites that matter on Hoboken government meaning GA and MSV.

      He knows all about the SLAPP suit. He signed off on it and is paying the bills which are hefty.

    2. There's plenty of evidence- circumstantial evidence for now, to tie Ricky to the SLAPP. It'll come out.

  2. Ricky's A-Team must be having a tough time talking those fines down. the Masons really pissed off someone at that agency. now theyre getting their comeuppance. These fines will set a record and Ricky will be back in the news.

  3. As long as there's a pot of gold at the end of the tunnel, he's willing to spend what it takes. The problem was Vision $/$ didn't go down and instead of profiting from all his expenditures now he has to pay the piper. He's not upset over the fines anymore than corporate polluters like BP are, as long as the profit-margin outweighs the fines. This is one reason why we need to change laws, not only for transparency reasons, but also so that evil entities don't profit from breaking the law. Many corporations think like this: "Hmm, $3 billion in profits from ignoring the law. 2 billion in fines. But we still get $1 billion profit margin at the end of the day. Ignoring the law. CaChing"

    1. How do the Masons "profit" from Vision $/$? I can see how it might be a win politically (i.e., they support anything Zimmer/reform opposes) but not financially.


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