BREAKING: Councilwoman Attacked by Softballs

The attack on HCTV's advertiser was recorded and posted online.

HOBOKEN--   Yesterday, the Mason Civic League located at 1200 Washington Street was the scene of an assault on Hoboken's 2nd Ward Councilwoman, Beth Mason.

The Councilwoman sat impassively as she was pelted with softballs by Fernando Uribe of Hudson County TV, one after the other:  POW!  BANG!  BOOM!   The assault was recorded audio-visually and published on Hudson County TV's web site yesterday.

Uribe's 5 minute and 11 second softball attack was uninterrupted by questions like, "What do you say to constituents who  accuse you of talking out of 'both sides of your mouth' on the Monarch project?  You claim to oppose it but have voted against funding appropriations for the City's legal fight twice, and the other two times were absent for the vote- and you could have called in" or "Why don't you return calls or emails to constituents who oppose the Monarch project?  Some have tried to reach you for years and claim you have never responded."

Beth Mason votes against funding the Citys legal battle against Monarch developer

The cause for Uribe's attack is under investigation.  Preliminary findings tie the uninterrupted pummeling to an uninterrupted ad revenue stream from the softball-victim, Beth Mason, into HCTV coffers.

Medics called to the scene announced the Councilwoman was uninjured. One said, "She's been attacked like this for years- every time she sets foot in The Hoboken Reporter- POW!  It rains softballs! There's nothing we can do for her, we don't treat reputations."  

Reportedly softball blizzards and a Top-Twenty Ranking in The HR's Annual Power List (and hardballs aimed at Mayor Zimmer, Ravi Bhalla, Reform bloggers, et al)  are tied to years of weekly page 3 ad buys.



  1. Mason is in some sort of damage control and apparently Fernando Uribe has tired of being thought of as the guy who covers synchronized ice dancing in the Mason family so he's going to get to the bottom of how Beth Mason is supporting the mayor's leadership in opposing the Monarch project.

    It's not even glossed over how Mason relied on Applied Management to turn out its tenants to vote for her in 2011 as her base deserted her or rather, the Hoboken residents of the second ward were appalled at her attempt to stop the hospital sale and bankrupt the city.

    The timing of the whitewash is interesting. Is the Mason family anticipating some bad news coming out elsewhere?

  2. Beth Mason, a woman who's every whim is paid for by her high earner husband, and who has done nothing but raze businesses into the ground is about as disingenuous of a supporter of the paycheck fairness act as one can get.

  3. She's on a rampage! HCTV posted "Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason continues to be an advocate for Vision 20/20."


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