All Wired Up and No Place to Go

Downloadable  8.5 x 11" SIGN

You know,  there's been an epidemic of trespassing on public property these days.

In fact, GA was contacted yesterday by The Jersey Journal  about a "trespassing" complaint filed by the HHA against HHA resident Jessica Coco and myself.  Who told The Jersey Journal?
Director Garcia said HHA filed a complaint against both of you for trespassing. 

Apparently, on February 20, 2014 Ms. Coco had  'trespassed' into the parking lot where she parks her car.  GA was her invited guest, and there for news-gathering purposes; to photograph generators to replace damaged ones after Hurricane Sandy, but left in the parking lot by the HHA Executive Director to moulder.

Did you know GA is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists?

You don't get those in a Crackerjack box!

So, in addition to this unfortunate parking lot trespassing incident, it has come to GA's attention the trespassing issue has spread to City Hall and other institutions of local, state and federal government.  It seems these local, state, and federal institutions of government are positively infested with public officials wearing recording devices (a.k.a."wires") and secretly recording their peers for use in frivolous and politically-motivated lawsuits.  Of course, these are not only a nuisance, but cost taxpayers a bundle!

It's a big problem. There must be hundreds of these wired-up varmints scampering through the halls of government from Hoboken to Trenton to Washington D.C.

What to do?

Not much.  It seems to GA there are two options: (1)  these officials must voluntarily disconnect their recording devices or (2) be banned entirely from public buildings- which is awkward, when they're elected to represent you there.   The only fair thing to do is to post a "No Trespassing" sign so that no one person is picked out of the crowd and all know they are welcome, but their busy-body wires are not.

If only that parking lot had a sign!  


  1. Trenton and all involved with this cad, should insist he trade in his suits for running suits stat.

  2. Congrats on being accepted by the Society of Professional Journalists. The Hudson Reporter could desperately use your advice on what professional journalism is-that is if they actually wanted to report news instead of being a rag. Then again who started the paper and why? Developer Joe Barry to further his economic interests. Interesting how Beth Mason has a relationship with Raul Morales, jr, whose father was for nearly forever the VP of Applied Housing owned by Joe Barry and his right hand man. Any coincidence why Beth Mason can do no wrong in that rag sheet? Connect the dots....

  3. Jessica Coco-Still waiting to be served a notice for trespassing!

  4. GA were you served a trespassing notice?

    1. Not yet. When it comes it'll be on this site about 5 seconds later!

  5. we miss you, GA! looking forward to your next posts, as always.

    1. Sorry darling! I miss posting too... definitely back this week.



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