Wachtell's Ricky Mason Scandal Hits National Law Blog

You know, plenty of lawyers read GA... but I am told "everyone" in the legal profession reads Above the Law.

credit: Above the Law
The blog links Ricky Mason's Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz bio and yesterday's breaking story in PolitickerNJ.

PolitickerNJ's article cites: "The complaint contains six counts against Mason and her husband, Richard Mason".

That is half-correct.

The 2011 complaint contains six counts.  The 2009 complaint (there are two) has thirteen.  And Richard Mason is named as the 2009 campaign's de facto Treasurer along with local politico Ines Garcia Keim. That is a more sweeping complaint- 36 pages with exhibits.

So let's do the math: 6 + 13 =  _______.   

Let me get my calculator... that's nineteen counts!  Oh, dear.

GA doesn't expect Wachtell to disavow their golden goose. But out of the public's eye, the senior partnership may pluck a few feathers.  This is certainly a black eye to Wachtell's pristine reputation.

If they only knew...

How did Mrs. Richard Mason's visual display get on 2012's Notorious 'Nazi Truck'?


  1. Does Above the Law cover attorneys who represent political operatives who claim not to be political operatives against a mounting pile of evidence to the contrary? Or does that have to wait until the attorney inevitably gets sued?

  2. Fantastic! I am even more impressed that ELEC even brought these charges. While they are clear violations of the law I am sure that certain people with big checkbooks were certain that if they threw enough money around to the right people this would never happen.

    1. This came from the bottom up. The Masons pissed off someone royally. About time. Hopefully this opens Beth and Rckys Pandoras box.

  3. Check out the Above the Law's Google tags:

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  4. Mason is actually lucky - the complaint deals only with her consistently ignoring ELEC deadlines and lets her off the hook for the illegal cash expenditures in the May 09 election. Remember she reported having paid street money illegally in cash then "corrected" the reporting to say she cut checks to "captains" who then cashed the checks and paid the street money in cash. Her "corrected" version is every bit as illegal as the original.

    It's actually kind of odd that ELEC chose to ignore an obvious serious violation like this (more serious than late reporting since cash street money is illegal for very good reasons.)


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