Vine Exclusive: Why it's Frosty in Trenton

120 ordered from Trenton

Holy cow...

And GA means the whole cow and its swollen udders...

GA's got some dish fresh off the vine!   Hangin' on the Vine, that is.   GA has no idea WHO the Vine is but boy, talk about plugged-in.

Let's get to those big juicy grapes before they ferment.   

GA will post an excerpt- but you will have to go to the Vine  for the rest!
As reported on GA (Grafix Avenger) and MSV (Mile Square View) newly installed Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia has not been welcomed with open arms in Trenton. In fact, according to those two websites, those close to Garcia reported he is contemplating suing his legislative colleagues for harassment and discrimination – a typical response from a politician who filed an ethnic cleansing charge suit against the Mayor of Hoboken, Dawn Zimmer. But Garcia’s troubles stem from his own actions in taping a conversation some time ago which involved former State Senator Bernard Kenny Jr., who was unaware at the time that he was being taped. He learned of the taping subsequently in a deposition in another case in which Garcia admitted to the misdeed. According to reports, persons in Trenton have been posting Post-It notes which say “here’s where the wire is” and comments of that nature. How did Trenton learn of Garcia’s proclivities to record conversations? Evidently, one of Garcia’s enemies informed them. We have obtained access from a legislator of a post card which was mailed to all 120 legislators in Trenton. It reads as follows:


Beware of incoming Assemblyman
Carmelo Garcia (33rd Dist. Hudson).
He likes to tape conversations without your
Knowledge. For proof, check with former
State Senator Bernard Kenny Jr.
Instead of greeting Carmelo with a handshake,
Give him a body pat-down!

read the rest at the Vine...

Can you believe it?

The Vine reports someone mailed 120 postcards to every legislator in Trenton, warning them about 'The Wire'...

Wow, who's got the time and the money and the grudge against Assemblyman Garcia

Which Hoboken politico has those resources?  GA can think of two off the bat.

Mason-Raia stuck a fork in Ruben's mayoral run

But why would they bother?   Is the perp from Hudson County?

GA would love to obtain one of the postcards...  maybe there's a clue somewhere.  Anyone?

Well, now why know why the Assemblyman's reception has been described as 'frosty."


  1. Definitely sounds like something Mason and her aquatic rat from Weehawken would do.

  2. I guess its Finn boy too. he likes to do that kind of stuff. he smiles to your face then stabs you in the back.

    1. Makes sense. They want to make sure Carmelo is 1 term. Beth will need a job come next November.

  3. Garcia is definitely in over his head. There's only so far BSing will get you before misuse of fancy words, back-stabbing, shady dealings and ill-fitting "designer" suits catch up with you. Tick tock, tick tock.

  4. Bernie's got a lot of friends.

    1. Carmelo alegedly had a friend too but he pissed him off. Or was that he pissed on his door ?


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