The Mason Reporter Strikes Again!

Folks, the only surprise in this week's Mason Reporter is that their coverage of Respondent Mason & Gang's potential $14.3M in ELEC violations wasn't written in Sanskrit.

The Reporter's l'homage to Beth and Ricky Mason's ELEC law-breaking is a page 8 burial.  May it rest in piece! (How about using white-ink next time?) The article says "it wasn't immediately clear what penalties the Masons are facing."


Now it is. A GA-Horsey investigation reveals 387 "reporting transactions" cited in the two ELEC complaints corresponding to Beth Mason's 2009 and 2011 campaigns, with each individual respondent subject to penalties for each "reporting transaction".  That totals a stunning $14,378,396.

PolitickerNJ, the state's most influential political web site, vetted GA's report and published it yesterday.  Even prior to these details coming out, the ELEC Complaints were clearly astonishing in scope.  But, when the Reporter's Numero Uno ad-buyer steps in shit, that's where publisher Dave Unger comes in to wipe off her shoe.  This week's Mason Reporter has clearly wiped the shit from Beth and Ricky Mason's shoes, avoiding messy details like the sheer number of violations, and likely penalties.

Which reminded GA of the great fanfare and ink spillage The Mason Reporter gave Ravi Bhalla for "motor vehicle tickets."

It looks like when it's Ravi behind the wheel, a driving ticket takes on the import of a ritual human sacrifice... when Mason and her hubby are busted for flouting ELEC law hundreds of times with potential penalties in the millions, well... bury it on page 8.

Beth and Ricky Mason together are subject to a fine of $3,605,666.

But... but... but... Ravi got a traffic ticket!  Now that merits the top page 4 article with a big headline....

...and its own web-page with a big photo of a smiling Bhalla!

In comparison, Beth Mason's ELEC Complaint coverage is tucked deep inside a "Round-Up" on page 8- with not one, single quote from Mason nor her spokes-fish.

Folks, if it wasn't clear before, it should be now.

Beth Mason loot has so totally co-opted Hoboken's Fourth Estate it is all but officially The Mason Reporter.

Pssst... here's the Complaint they forgot to mention:


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  2. My mom always taught me that if you don't have anything positive to say, you don't say anything. Well clearly the people targeted by this complaint have nothing positive to say so that should tell everyone where they stand. And thank you board of elections for finally doing something.


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