The Beth and Ricky Mason ELEC Complaints: 2009 and 2011

Folks, here they are... GA will be back after I have a read.


  1. It's High Time the state took action against these scumbags! I know many of us have refrained from forwarding certain information to Wachtell Lipton about the activities of Ricky Mason because we are honorable people, but this information needs to reach Wachtell. Let's hope this is the beginning of the end!



  2. Ines Keim may be fined up to $6800 max for each incorrect filing? I counted 17. That's over $115,000.00 !!! What price friendship? Very surprised to see certain donor's names. I thought they were smarter than to have supported Mason.

    1. Sara Stojkovic? Mason probably reimbursed her.

    2. The 2009 offenses were not addressed by the porcine cosmetics department that is the Hoboken Reporter. But all the Masons have to do is work out the tax implications of "the gift". Beth and Ricky and both give Ines $28k tax-free. $28k more to John. Before you know it, everyone is whole again, and what's another black mark on the record at this point?

  3. Send Tips: or text (646) 820-8477

  4. Schadenfreude never felt so good

  5. I would like to take moment to thank again, GA and DaHorsey for picking up the slack of our woefully incompetent, somewhat absent and in some cases corrupt 4th estate in Hudson County and the State of NJ.

    Politicians get away with so much in our state because it.
    They rely on the fact that no one is watching.

    At least locally GA and DaHorsey are watching

  6. Hard to be overly sanguine about this. If a problem can be fixed with money, Beth can take care of it. If it requires character, candor or charisma, not so much.

    But really what good is ELEC if it takes them years to act on late filings. Something like this tells you they will never do anything about Occhipinti's 575 paid workers. As long as it was filed on time.

    Although Beth was "unavailable for comment" the Hudson Reporter wanted you to know she is one of the top democratic check writers in the state. Nice touch. The implication being this must be retribution. Maybe it was. The flimsiest electronic filing system can catch an overdue report. It doesn't take years. Wanting to do it takes years apparently. Or someone suddenly wanting it done.


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