Earwitness News: The "Uh-oh" Begins

As you may have read here earlier today, the gossipy and widely-read national blog, Above the Law posted this late yesterday:

* Wachtell Lipton partner Ricky Mason and his wife, Hoboken mayoral candidate Beth Mason, have been charged with several election-law violations. Uh-oh. [PolitickerNJ]

GA would like to point to the "Uh-oh" because according to an Earwitness, a joint press conference planned today between Beth Mason and President of the NJ Senate and presumptive gubernatorial candidate Steve Sweeney was cancelled when neither Mason nor Sweeney showed!

Yes, GA's Earwitness described confusion as the press awaited their arrival... and waited...

Now, what does it all  mean? 

GA believes it is the Uh-oh.

Beth Mason showed up at the City Council last night, true.  But answering questions for the press is another matter.

And Sweeney?  Is he going to cut off public appearances with Mason, now that she and hubby Ricky Mason, are alleged by ELEC to have committed hundreds of violations in her 2009 and 2011 campaigns?

Is Mason politically 'damaged goods' now?

It seems Mason has  hitched her political future to Senator Sweeney.  It's possible he has un-hitched himself from her.


  1. Sweeney won't be seen with Mason again.


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