Carmelo "Generator" of Trespassing Complaint!

Assemblyman Garcia claims the HHA has filed a complaint against GA and Ms. Coco for "trespassing" in a parking lot!

Hi, folks! Sorry, the lights have been out here for a week... just a few days more 'cause I've got 'stuff' to finish...

But you know, sometimes when you least expect it (if you are me) you get a message like this:
I spoke to HHA members, and they mentioned an incident involving you and Ms. Coco involving the HHA generators. Director Garcia said HHA filed a complaint against both of you for trespassing. I wanted to make sure that I reached out to you to possibly discuss the matter.
Whaaaaaaat?  Trespassing???

In a parking lot?  You mean this one?  

Arrest those cars!

You mean, the parking lot that's open to both sides of the street with adjacent residential buildings (with egress doors that open onto the parking lot) that pedestrians walk through and has no "No Trespassers" sign?

That one?

The same one with the 14 generators that GA 'found' were languishing in plastic wrap, uninstalled since the Summer of 2013? 

So, GA and Jessica Coco, an HHA resident, are "trespassers" in that very, very, very special parking lot with the 14 generators our federal tax dollars paid for and Assemblyman Garcia left rotting out all winter in plastic packaging?

The same parking lot The Hoboken Reporter's Dean DeChiaro stood in a few days later to take photos- like I did.

Did the HHA bust Dean DeChiaro for "trespassing" too?  Oh, they didn't? They like the stuff he writes.

Well, guess what Assemblyman Garcia?

My federal tax dollars pay for "your" parking lot, which make me a stakeholder in that parking lot- in fact, it's my parking lot, too!  Yep, I just might hold a barbeque in my HHA parking lot when the weather gets warmer, and invite a few hundred of my closest friends. We'll roast weenies, sing campfire songs...  In fact, there'll be even more room in my HHA parking lot once you start installing those generators like you told The Hoboken Reporter you would "in Spring"

Grab a weenie and let's party!
It's Spring.

GA wants a copy of this "HHA Trespassing Complaint."

Too funny.

The not-funny part is how the bullies of the Dark Side use the Courts, the police, and some even use HHA "complaints" to attack those who express a different political point of view, write about lonely generators, or oppose Vision 20/20. 

That parking lot is located in America, right? 

Speaking of America, and the blessed freedoms that aren't free- SLAPP suits run a pretty penny- here's a GA shout-out to my nephew, who just joined the Marines.

Semper fi!

Yes indeed, while we suffer indignities from low-lives with their SLAPP suits and "trespassing" complaints,  honorable men and women fight for  our right to speak truth to power and walk in parking lots everywhere.

Honorable men like my nephew, the MarineGA is so proud.

Semper fi  means "always faithful."  GA's motto is "Never give up."

And I never will.

How to speak to a dead generator


  1. This is Jessica Coco. If this is true, I don't know what Mr. Garcia is thinking or better said not thinking. After all, how can I be trespassing in my own parking lot? What my vehicle is allowed on the premises, but I'm not allowed to drive it in or out? Does the vehicle drive itself?

    1. By the way, when my car and my apt is being vandalized isn't that called trespassing? Or is it officially called burglary?

  2. Was Mr. Garcia formally trespassing when he pissed on his lover's door?

    1. Don't pee on my door and tell me it's raining

  3. Speaking of the lowest of the low: Was Brian Stack & city officials doing cr*ck with Carmelo? How did this man get chosen to be to be an Assembly person or HHA director? Better question- for what purpose was he chosen that no even semi-qualified person was even asked to take either position?

    1. Who has a wire? What info was gained from that wire?

    2. which cr*ck ru talking about - doing the drug or the rear entrance?

  4. You are a day early for posting April Fool's jokes.

  5. carmelo garcia is trespassing on bloomfield street

  6. Carmelo garcia is trespassing in Trenton.

  7. word is mister carmelo wasn't allowed to trespass in city hall cause he wouldn't sign a statement he wasn't wearing a wire. left in a big huff.

    1. that's hilarious! he should be confronted with that statement every time he goes there, or anywhere official.

    2. Unfortunately, they had to allow him in the Trenton. Fortunately, however, they are all able to ignore him. I heard here they put up post it notes when he comes to work to warn others "the wire's here" and that everytime he passes state officials, they walk away from him. Couldn't have happened to a better person.


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